I get around on the web. Here are links to some of my favorite sites.


Adventures of a Dog Mom

The Daily Golden


Dogs or Dollars

For the Love of My Dogs

KC Dog Blog

Keep the Tail Wagging

Love and a Six Foot Leash

Oh Melvin!

Our Waldo Bungie


Two Pitties in the City

The Rufus Way

WOOF! Tails from St. Simons

Organizations & Causes

Friends of KC Animals

Midwest Adopt-a-Bull


Fido Fetch Photography

Stacy Ideus Photography


Fat City


Gardening & Homesteading

Root Simple


Her Kansas City


Writing, Writers & Randomness

Beagle Minded

KC Blogger Meetup


Where Else I Write

Kennel Creek Pet Resort’s blog

Your Brand Partner

Do you have a favorite site you think I’d like? Recommend it or contact me about having your website added to this list!

  1. Please help me help this pit bull. People tend to dump animals in my nieghborhood. I took some to the local aspca today but they wouldnt take the pit. They are illegal here. I am the only human in the nieghborhood he trusts. I need to find a safe place to take him. There are signs of abuse and neglect. Please help me help him have the second chance he deserves. I can tell hes been starved of love. My name is susie my number is 816 876 4505…please help him. Please…..

  2. Midnight put Frosty Paws in her create. She snuggles him when she punishes herself.

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