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I’m Crystal.

Wayward Dogs is my attempt to keep track of — and if possible help — the lost and wandering dogs that I encounter. They seem to be particularly drawn to the walking trail that I live near.

Lest the purpose of this wayward dog-watch be misunderstood, here are a couple things to keep in mind:

1. I’m not here to be a scold. Pet ownership is a huge responsibility (although not as huge as parenthood), and I’m no paragon of perfect behavior. Dogs escape: They wander away or they take off on a dead run. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are unhappy, abused or neglected. Through this blog, I’m simply keeping track of the lost dogs that I encounter and whether or not I can help them get home. I hope if you found my dog, you’d help him get back to me.

2. This blog is about more than finding dogs. It’s also about a human search for meaning and community. It’s about sniffing around and scoping out the surroundings. It’s about venturing off (and on) trails of conventional living. Or, as I like to call it: Wayward Living.

  1. Yeah to helping wayward dogs! I really appreciate that you mention not scolding people. Having a large black Rotti-mix rescue dog with scars means I’ve fielded some interesting questions and accusations. I try not to judge lest I be judged when people pick up their teeny dogs and cross the street to avoid me and my dog because who knows what their story is. I think it’s important in dog rescue work to keep your heart and mind open.

  2. Hey Wayward Dogs! Since I love reading your dog blog and am inspired by your commitment to help animals, I’ve nominated you for an award. Check it out here: http://deannamelanie.wordpress.com/2011/12/01/our-first-award/

  3. Now this is the kind of blog I like to follow….I will enjoy seeing what you get up to….my dog was a ‘runner’ and unfortunately too fast for anyone to catch.. But he’s now nearly 11 and is lying on my feet….ahhh my boy!!!

  4. Robin Wall, DVM

    I am a supporter of Nutressant products, however you should be clear in your blog that their xylitol containing toothpaste is NOT for dogs.

  5. Your blog has been nominated for the Iowa Dog Trust’s 2012 Pawlitzer Prize Award for Dog Blog Journalism.

    We have created this award to encourage bloggers like yourselves to keep helping dog owners around the corner and around the world by offering them quality instruction, information and guidance. This award will hopefully bring some much needed attention to some great but, lesser-known blogs too.

    Please visit the page linked below to find out how you can win the Iowa Dog Trust’s 2012 Pawlitzer Prize.


  6. Awesome you!

  7. Hello,
    One of the volunteers of our local rescue, of which I helped set up 28 years ago, sent me this link to your website. Great work and interesting format!! I would like to put your your link up at my educational pet care website and post it on my FB page, if I have your permission. I own an award winning educational website for all breeds that focuses on nutrition, care and ethics. It is called http://www.GreatDaneLady.com I will provide the link below and you can check it out to see if you would like to be listed on my links page. I am also glad to see your dogs like the Precise Holistic Complete food, I have helped develop their whole PHC line up and very proud of the quality and integrity of this company. Keep up the good work..Linda

    • Thanks for reaching out, Linda! Of course, you are welcome to share my link on your website and Facebook page. I would love to learn more about what you do also, so I will message you privately.

  8. Thank you for stopping by and following our blog!

    You have an amazing blog and I look forward to reading more 🙂

  9. Really, really like the blog and your messages. You have a gift.

  10. tailsofafostermom

    Hi! I nominated you for a blog award! Check out the post below! 🙂


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