KC Pittie Pack

One of the best ways to socialize your dog is to be social with your dog.  Group walks are a great way to help inexperienced, fearful and even some leash-aggressive dogs overcome their hang-ups and get used to behaving well in public.

Emily from Our Waldo Bungie and I founded KC Pittie Pack & Friends, a walking and hiking group for dog lovers in Kansas City. On a more or less weekly basis, we offer a safe, structured and non-judgmental atmosphere in which dogs and their people can get outside and practice their social skills.

Although the group’s name contains a nod to pit bulls — a breed near and dear to Emily’s heart and mine — all kinds of dogs are welcome to join the KC Pittie Pack. The group is open to dog owners, dog-less people and folks who foster dogs.

The group can be a good way to network and gain visibility for adoptable pets. We encourage animals currently available for adoption to wear an “adopt me” vest or collar to our events.

Members and supporters of the group may also choose to purchase official KC Pittie Pack apparel.

Our location changes with every outing, as we visit a mix of urban and park settings in and around the Kansas City metropolitan area. If you would like to know more about KC Pittie Pack & Friends, please visit our Facebook page.

To learn about upcoming walks and register to attend, join our Meetup page.

KC Pittie Pack & Friends at Loose Park. Photo by Fido Fetch Photography.

Video courtesy Will Gladhart Consulting.

  1. Beautiful video ! I volunteer at dog ruscee and it is so true that most seniors are not lucky enough to get out of a pound to be adopted, thankfully most ruscees will have a few senior dogs at all times. Seniors are gentle, wise, and usually very easy, laid back dogs, make excellent best friends ! They may not have as long to live as a puppy or very young dog, but remember you can give them the best years of their life, and they will be forever grateful to you.

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