Crystal Wayward

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“Crystal Wayward” is Crystal K. Wiebe.

I write for fun and profit.

I am a compulsive blogger, corporate communications professional, freelance journalist and social media addict.

For almost as long as I can remember, I have been putting writing instrument to paper and gushing over dogs. Those two obsessions, however, have not always been related.

As a journalist, I have told all manner of stories, from reports of car accidents to new business features and in-depth personality profiles.

I’ve reviewed more rock and roll bands than I can remember and quoted a few musicians you’d recognize.

Whatever the topic, when I write about something, I’m essentially communicating to readers that a subject is worth, at the least, thinking about, and possibly even buying, eating, doing – or avoiding altogether.

Therefore, applying my wordsmithing talents to the world of marketing was a natural leap.

I currently spend my weekdays telling stories and sharing snippets for the brand Staples Promotional Products via social media and the blog link

When I’m not in my cubicle, at home perfecting the wayward lifestyle or patrolling the neighborhood for wayward dogs, I build sentences, paragraphs and marketing campaigns for other businesses, and report news and lifestyle articles for print and online publications.

In my words – writing samples

Although my proudest moment as a writer is usually the sentence I just composed, here are links to some of my favorite articles from over the years.

Consulting and Freelance

To keep up with my most recent writing, follow my Published board on Pinterest or find me on Twitter. On both sites, I am @crystalwayward.

Do you need help telling stories for your brand or on the pages of a print or online publication?

E-mail me at crystalwayward @ gmail(dot)com.

Find me on LinkedIn.

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