Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

Received from: Misadventures of Misaki

super sweet blog award

Super Sweet Blogging Award

Received from: Adventures of a Dog MomMisty Shores Chesapeakes

Addictive Blog Award

Addictive Blog Award

Received from: Misty Shores Chesapeakes

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Received from: For the Love of My Dogs, Love from Italy

You Make Me Shine Award

Received from: Bassas Blog

Sunshine Award

Received from: Hutch a Good Life, Long Life Cats and Dogs

Collies Choice Award

Received from: Collies of the Meadow

Pawlitzer Prize Nomination

Purpose: “to encourage more bloggers to help dog owners around the corner and around the world by offering them quality instruction, information and guidance.”

Awarded by: Iowa Dog Trust

Liebster Blog Award

Purpose: “Liebster means Dearest in German, so the Liebster Blog Award is the Dearest Blog Award. It’s an award intended to recognize worthy, lesser known blogs and to help expose their work.”

Received from: For the Love of My Dogs, Adventures of a Dog Mom, Mavyn Mom

Versatile Blogger Award

Purpose: Spreading the word about good blogs.

Received from: For the Love of My Dogs

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