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The Opposite of a Welcome Wagon


These were the long faces I got when I said I would be in Boston for a couple of days.

Have you ever been to Boston? Leave a story in the comments!

Big Dog Bedhog


There are four dog beds in our living room. This golden retriever likes to sleep on them all.

At the same time.


Is there a canine bedhog in your house?


I had to look up the word for baby swan. It’s cygnet.

What a beautiful word.

A mama swan is a pen. A daddy swan is a cobbe

Five cygnets and a pen.

These fuzzy little cygnets are the latest additions to the animal farm my dad helps manage.

They look so peaceful I wish I could be there right now.

What are your favorite baby animals?

In regal pose

From petite sophisticate to womanly class, the canine residents of Wayward House reflect smart style without even trying.

Guardian of the fig tree

Frontyard lookout

Posture of a lady

One of these dogs has important news to share tomorrow. Can you guess which one?

There’s still time to win a regal accessory for your dog. Leave a comment on the Euro Dog Designs post by midnight CST tonight (Wednesday, April 25, 2012) for a chance to win a brand new leather collar.

Wordless Wednesday: Three handsome beggars


Did someone say treats?!

If you’d like to see adoptable Charlie Machete sit pretty at your house, e-mail
If you’d like to get your dog an adorable, handmade sweater like Scooby’s, head to Our Waldo Bungie. (There’s a sale going on right now!)

Up close and personal with elk

I visited my hometown in Nebraska over my birthday weekend. While we were there, my dad introduced Zach and me to some of his animal friends.

Check out the rack on this one!



This elk is called Rambo.


My dad helps feed Rambo and the rest of the elk herd, as well as bison and various other animals for a friend.

These two tough guys make a handsome pair.

Now give Rambo a little kiss!


Wordless Wednesday: Pictures of a black dog




Charlie Machete would look great in your living room, too. To learn more about this adoptable dog, see

Handsome devil

imageCome back tomorrow to learn more about dog-lovin’ the photographer who took this awesome shot of Charlie Machete at the last gathering of the KC Pittie Pack.

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