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Scooby Has a New Friend

As a man of a certain, indeterminate age, Scooby the elderpin isn’t usually one for toys.


Yet when I dangled in front of his nose a stuffy that came in the mail yesterday, he snatched it decidedly.

Puzzled, the big dogs tailed their Napoleonic pal as he trotted into the living room. Charlie Machete once tried to steal the loot right out of Scooby’s mouth.

He was met with a growl from the old dog and a mean “No!” from foster mama.

Scooby then settled into one of his three new beds and began to gnaw softly at the toy’s furry appendages. Less than three minutes later, he decided his new friend made a better snuggle buddy than a chew.

Can you blame him?

Scooby’s new toy was part of a Frosty Paws giveaway I recently won from


You can be a winner, too. Be sure to enter the Love Note Valentine Giveaway!


Blog socialization at Saks

There’s a super sweet scent wafting through Wayward House right now. It’s coming from this fragrant bath set.


I was delighted to learn yesterday that I won a giveaway I entered over at Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth, a fun site about fashion, food and pin-up style.

Blogger Katty Delux personally presented my pretty pink prize to me, a Lovey Dovey Personal Pampering Set from PoshUSA, at a shopping party for bloggers at Saks Fifth Avenue OFF FIFTH.

During the party, the Saks manager informed our group the median income for average shoppers is over $100,000. That meant most of the inventory was a little out of this clothing swap queen‘s price range.

However, as a perk for attending, all of us bloggers were armed with $25 gift cards and there was a drawing for bigger discounts. I didn’t win the bigger gift cards but did put my store credit toward a cute top and even cuter whale-shaped salt and pepper shakers.


Unfortunately, I could definitely not afford the sexy and mean looking $700 necklace that really caught my eye.


More than anything, last night’s event was a fun opportunity to mingle with people who share my interest in blogging and promoting things we care about.

I attended the Saks OFF FIFTH event with my friend Stephanie, blogger at Turtle Soup Daily, and we met up with Emily from Our Waldo Bungie.

You can find links to many of the other bloggers who attended at the KC Blogger Meetup site, where I was recently featured.

Blogging friends who live too far away to participate in a Kansas City meetup: How do you connect in real life with other bloggers?

Tip for dog lovers who want to win something: If you haven’t already, enter to win an awesome giveaway from Dogs or Dollars today.

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