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Dog Food Scandal: What If They Were What They Ate?

When the recent horse meat scandal erupted, I knew it was not the last we would hear about deceptive meat substitution on a large scale.

Then, a relative forwarded to me this story from an agricultural industry trade journal:

Pretty disgusting, huh?

According to the full version of the story by the Daily Mail, it is suspected that stray dogs were picked up off the streets in Spain and stolen from animal sanctuaries. Then, their bodies were processed into animal feed.

Everything about this story is disturbing.

And that should be true for you whether or not you are a dog person.

It’s amazing how little we really know about any of the food we buy.

dog food taste test.jpg

Whether we are getting kibble for our pets or enjoying a fancy meal out, we make our decisions based on what the label or menu says.

We trust stores, manufacturers and restaurants to tell us the truth. We have to.

For while we might know what a hamburger tastes like, our senses cannot tell us if the meat is composed of something more than beef.

Who’s to say about that filet of fish, either?

According to The Atlantic, 59% of the “tuna” eaten by Americans is not tuna at all.

As with the horse meat and tainted pet food, the fish findings are based on genetic testing. Without whistle blowers and a scientific investigation, no one would know the truth.

Considering the precarious economic state of the world right now, I fear there may be more disgusting new like this to come.

So, what do we do – as humans and pet caretakers?

  • Whenever possible, consume food that is grown and distributed locally.
  • If that isn’t practical, pay attention to the labels. Buy the highest-quality pet food you can for your pets, preferably with ingredients sourced in the United States or Canada.

What advice would you add to this list? Do you worry about where your food – and your pet’s food comes from? What are you currently feeding your pets?

The Wayward Dogs currently eat Petcurean grain-free kibble that we get from the Boutique at Kennel Creek Pet Resort.

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