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Mirror, mirror on the the wall

It’s amazing how much a small accomplishment can improve your whole view.

This mirror used to hang in my parents’ bedroom. It hung for a while in our bedroom, too. But last year, while we visited Portland and a friend stayed at our house with the dogs,

the mirror






Miraculously, the glass did not break. The hanger, however, left a nasty scar on the wall above my dresser.

The mirror itself took up an almost forgotten residence on the floor behind the headboard. All I could really see was the beautiful ornate frame that makes me love this mirror so.

Antique gold mirror frame

It was Zach’s idea last weekend to move the mirror to our tiny bathroom.

The effect is amazing. Of course, there’s the whole room-enlargening effect. But that old mirror also brings something personal to a room that we’ve otherwise furnished sparsely with store-bought, assemble-it-yourself cabinets. That mirror makes me stupid happy.

I can’t believe it took so long.

Did you accomplish any projects over the holiday weekend?

Have you ever completed one very small task and been overjoyed with the result?

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