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Pink Isn’t Just for the Ladies

Remember the recent controversy surrounding the dog who supposedly acted “gay” and was consequently surrendered to a shelter by his owner?

That ignorant guy probably wouldn’t appreciate Charlie Machete’s latest outfit, either.

"Is this a good color on me?"

It’s a boy dog! Wearing pink!

I, however, think my big black foster dog looks extra fetching in hot pink!

He didn’t seem to mind rocking my old t-shirt, either. 

Maybe that’s because dogs are colorblind.

Or maybe it’s because Charlie Machete admires how distinguished Scooby the elderpin looks in his #skybluepink sweater from Tiennot Knits.

Boy dogs look good in pink.

Boy dogs look good in pink.

Regardless, Charlie Machete pranced around in the hot pink tee for over an hour, not once attempting to wiggle out of it.

Zach’s sister, who babysat the black dogs while we were in Nebraska over the weekend, agreed that her favorite Wayward Dog looks good in the bold color.

Striking a pose.

Striking a pose.

What do you think? Does Charlie Machete look pretty handsome in pink?

If you aren’t intimidated by a guy who is willing to rock hot pink or Cabela’s camo, consider making Charlie Machete your own!

Check out his adoptable profile

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