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Something for the fat dogs

The standards for acceptable dog treats are high at Wayward House.
The flurry of product recalls over the past few years has made us skittish. Like many conscientious pet owners, we now feed our pets only food and treats manufactured in the United States and locally-made if possible.

The ingredients in anything we feed our dogs is also important. Meat, peanut butter or other proteins should be at the top of the list, followed by little or no preservatives and words I can pronounce.

The bag of Nutrisentials Lean Treats we were recently asked to review basically passed muster.

These treats are supposed to be ideal for fat dogs, because they are low in calories.

I would argue that maybe you should just not feed your fat dog “treats” at all and opt instead for carrots or affection. But neither snack reduction, nor his suddenly picky eating habits, are keeping Scooby fit and trim, so I can’t really judge anyone else.

The list of ingredients on the back of the Lean Treats bag prominently features chicken liver and skinless chicken. The third ingredient is wheat flour, though, which can be a problem for some pets. There are some preservatives and long words in the ingredients list, too. Last on the list is rosemary extract.

The packaging says the treats are distributed by a facility in Ohio. However, at the time of this posting I was unable to confirm that Lean Treats are USA-made.

Not seeing the brand on any recall lists, we decided to see what the dogs thought.


The picky, little fat guy was into the Lean Treats.


Always agreeable Luke readily accepted the Lean Treats.


Not-at-all fat foster dog Charlie Machete was so excited about Lean Treats that he wanted to shake with both his paws.

So, what’s the Wayward verdict on Lean Treats?

They’re OK. The bite-size portions of the package we received seem a little too big to be used as a training treat for a tiny dog like Scooby. However, they offer an enticing, low calorie nibble for bigger dogs and would be ideal for carrying on walks with the KC Pittie Pack, where we frequently use treats to help owners maintain the attention of their dogs.

According to the packaging, Lean Treats are only available from veterinarians – and I have seen them on the counter at my vet’s office. However, if you wish, you can also order these things from various online retailers. Vet Depot provided our sample. Here is that company’s selection of Lean Treats.

Have you fed this product to your pets? What did they think?

Disclaimer: This product review reflects my honest opinions. I received no monetary compensation for the write-up – just one free package for my dogs to test out.

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