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Watch this Film: Beyond the Myth

Yesterday, as I was filling old pickle jars with the cookie ingredients to make cute DIY holiday gifts, Zach yelled to me from the other room.

“This movie is for you!”

Boy, was he right.

Beyond the Myth is a documentary for all pit bull advocates dog lovers.

Through research, statistical analysis and real life stories, the film takes an honest look at breed specific legislation, and how it can cause more pain than it heals – for families, innocent dogs and even dog bite victims.

For example, did you know that in some communities with BSL if someone is bitten by a “pit bull dog,” that animal may be destroyed. However, if the biter is some other breed of dog, the animal may only be confined to a few days of confinement? That’s not fair to the dogs or anyone unfortunate enough to get bitten.

My eyes misted over several times during this movie, and at the end of it, we hugged all the dogs who live with us, and especially mystery mutt Charlie “Chetty” Machete.

Although Beyond the Myth was preaching to the choir in our living room, I do believe this film is compelling enough to change hearts and minds through its presentation of the truth about pit bulls.

If you haven’t seen Beyond the Myth, I urge you to check it out. It is now available on Netflix, but you can also purchase your own copy or even sign up to host a screening through

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