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Potted pineapple project


This might look like a dwarfish, dying yucca plant, but it’s actually my own living piece of paradise.

Pinterest recently led me to an amazing idea. You can plant a pineapple top in a pot and get a whole ‘nother pineapple in 24 months (aka two years)!

I realize that’s a really slow rate of growth on this project and not a very big harvest. But, as I already covered in the Tiki Dog food review, I am a sucker for anything that reminds me of Hawaii.

So, add the pineapple to the list of exotic plants growing in containers at Wayward House:

Want to pot your own pineapple? The steps are easy.

1. Cut off the stem, leaving about half an inch of flesh.

2. Place this pineapple crown in a shallow dish of water, covering only about half of the flesh, and let it sit in a sunny window for a few days.

3. Plant the crown in a mixture of regular potting soil and cactus potting soil.

About two weeks in, this potted pineapple project seems easier than the other exotics. The pineapple I started with was already pretty brown, so I wasn’t sure it would take off. I left the crown in water for about a week. After a couple of days the stem core started turning green again, and the total area that’s green seems to be increasing since planting.

For more details on the process from a more experienced pineapple starter, check out Tickled Red’s advice on potted pineapples.

What plant that’s not native to your area do you wish you could grow?

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