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Solving the Sergeant’s Piddle Problem

Gilles and Linda Auger started making diapers for their cat Bowie and later for their rescued Chihuahua ChiChi.

“From this experience, we decided to create our own hygienic clothing manufacturing company for pets.”

cat named Bowie wearing a diaper

Bowie the cat

Now, that is one agreeable cat.

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently received from the Augers’ company Créations Entre Chats Et Chiens a pair of custom-made diapers Sergeant’s uniform to test on my incontinent elderpin Scooby.


The overall-style diapers are designed kind of like a Thundershirt in that two straps wrap around the front of the dog’s neck/chest area and fasten with velcro.


Velcro straps also secure the diaper part of the garment to the piece that wraps around the dog’s back.

The garment itself is constructed with three layers of waterproof fabric. On the area that covers the problem area, there is a netting in which you can tuck a sanitary napkin for added protection. (In order to be more eco-friendly, I just used old fabric scraps.)


In theory, I like the Augers’ design a lot.

The velcro straps allows some flexibility in the fit. If your dog is having a fat day, you can just let it out a little.

Unfortunately – most likely due to my poor measuring ability – Scooby’s diaper doesn’t fit snugly enough. It bags out around his bottom, and the straps aren’t long enough to tighten it around his belly as much as he needs.

As a result, he is able to wriggle out of his little sergeant’s uniform and continue doing his business where he pleases.

Furthermore, the fact that some of the scratchy part of the velcro touches his underbelly encourages his desire to get out of his diaper.

While I cannot say for sure that the overall-style diaper has saved us from any accidents in the house, it is pretty cute (if, like me, you appreciate camo dog clothes).


If I can con a friend with sewing skills into helping me alter the the diaper a bit, I think there is hope for its functionality.

However, I would recommend that the Augers switch the placement of the male and female velcro strips so that the dog’s skin can only ever possibly come into contact with the softer bristles.

In spite of this product not working out perfectly for us, I still encourage others to check out, where the Augers sell their pet accessories to an international audience. (Just pay more attention when you are measuring, unlike me!)

This small company is new; the proprietors are friendly; and they are still perfecting their designs and rolling out new ones in a variety of attractive patterns.

I am happy we had the chance to try this handmade product and wish the Augers luck with their business venture!

Have you discovered any cool new pet businesses lately?

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed here are honest.

It’s Not a Diaper – It’s a Sergeant’s Uniform

What is Scooby wearing?


Don’t tell him it’s an adult dog diaper. Tell him it’s a uniform.

He needs to wear it when he has important things to do around the house – like exercise his authority as commander of comfy places – without leaking all over them.

Scooby’s overall style diaper uniform was custom-made by Créations Entre Chats Et Chiens (aka, a small company based in Quebec, Canada. They contacted me a while back with an offer to outfit my little officer in exchange for a product review.

I was ecstatic!

Scooby’s incontinence has been an issue for basically the entire 6.5 years that we’ve been together. Of course, things are getting worse as he gets older and anytime he’s having health issues.

Solving the piddles isn’t an easy task.

Scooby wriggles out of belly bands and Pooch Pants. And potty pads aren’t an option at our house, lest they give the big dogs the idea that it’s OK to do their thing inside, too.


Also, Scooby tends to have spontaneous accidents, in which case he just “goes” wherever he is standing or snuggled.

Créations Entre Chats Et Chiens offers several styles and patterns of pet incontinence solutions, including male, female and unisex diapers. Each product is custom made by hand for your pet.

Because male diapers have not worked for Scooby in the past, I chose the washable overall dog diaper in a manly camouflage pattern.

washable overall dog diaper

Many patterns are available, including zebra stripes.

Come back tomorrow to see how this product has worked out for us!

Have you ever put diapers a special uniform on your dog? How did that work out for you?

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