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We Made Out Well at Madewell

After the bully breed-centric whirlwind of last weekend, I needed a break.

I knew I would, and that’s why I not only took yesterday off from blogging but also from work.

It was glorious. I jogged the dogs. I walked the dogs. And I spent a good deal of time talking dogs.

And all day, I wore the awesome new necklace I bought at Madewell.

Boston terrier necklace

It’s a Boston Terrier!

My mom gets the credit for spotting the totally relevant piece of jewelry (and the matching earrings!) that was randomly available during Fashion-a-Bull Fall at Madewell, the Midwest Adopt-a-Bull fundraiser Katty Delux and I hosted at the Leawood, Kansas, store last Sunday.

Although we didn’t quite hit the lofty $500 goal I set, by the end of the day, we tallied over $300 in cash and checks.

I’d say that’s not too shabby.

The money will help replenish funds spent over the past few days to help Tracy, a dog who is suffering complications from her recent leg amputation.

Although no Midwest Adopt-a-Bull dogs attended the event, a little pack of poodle mixes and Romeo, an adoptable shepherd mix, posted up outside the store with representatives from Kennel Creek Pet Resort.

poodle mixes in Chiefs t-shirts

The very obedient Chalmer, Willow and Reilly. Photo by Kemberley Elliott.

We were lucky that the weather was great. And as I expected, having the dogs at the entrance drew a lot of attention and resulted in more raffle ticket sales.

I have to credit where it’s due, though. My colleagues at Staples Promotional Products really ponied up for this cause. Between those who bought raffle tickets in advance and those who came to the actual event, my coworkers contributed over $100 to Midwest Adopt-a-Bull. As a result, I’m taking three of the prize packages we drew for to some lucky Staples friends tomorrow.

Big thanks also goes to my non-work friends, family members and businesses who showed support through their attendance, benjamins and prizes. Of course, Madewell gets mad props for hosting.

I couldn’t be more grateful to Katty for helping me coordinate the event and rounding up tons of lovely prize donation.

Umba Box, Waggiweal leash, Kennel Creek gift certificate

Goodies from Waggiwear, Umba Box, Kennel Creek Pet Resort, Simply Grooming by Gia, artist Kathleen Henn, Tumbleweeds and Photo by Kemberley Elliott.

As it turns out, the pin-up and the crazy dog lady make a darn good team (even though we totally failed to get a photo of ourselves together).

My appreciation extends as well to my wonderful blog readers who have commented, shared and put up with my relentless promotion of this event over the past couple of weeks. I do hope you enjoyed the posts, but I do promise to cover some different topics and stop begging you for money – at least for a little while.

We’ll start tomorrow, with something Halloweenie.

However, it might not be as cute as this:

It's a Fairy Bull

Polly Pocket the Fairy Bull. Photo courtesy Our Waldo Bungie.

The Most Fashion-a-Bull award of the day went to Polly Pocket.

Our Waldo Bungie‘s foster dog made a special appearance. There is breed specific legislation against pit bulls in Leawood, and while we can’t know for sure what Polly is without a DNA test,  the boxer-and-maybe-pittie mix played it safe and festive by wearing a disguise her Halloween costume.

If Polly the adora-bull fairy dog looks like someone you want to add to your family, check out her Petfinder profile!

What’s your dog going to be for Halloween?


Fashion-a-Bull Fall Fun

Are you feeling Fashion-a-Bull?

Pit bull supporter with sign

“I am a writer. I am a pit bull supporter. I am the majority.” Photo by Emily Hawkins.

Charlie Machete felt very fashion-a-bull yesterday when he donned a Thundershirt + bandana for the Coast to Coast Bully Walk with KC Pittie Pack. We’ll call it his Preppy Guy Halloween Costume.

KC Pittie Pack had a bigger turnout – and more bully breed dogs – than usual for our special Pit Bull Awareness Day Walk.

Emily from Our Waldo Bungie and her husband Daniel wisely left their dogs at home so that they could document the event and get photos of everyone holding up the signs inspired by Animal Farm Foundation’s “I Am the Majority” campaign.

You can check out more photos at the KC Pittie Pack pages on Facebook and Meetup.

If you’ve been following my posts all week, you also know that today is another big day for me in the way of bully breed awareness efforts and fashion.

Fashion-a-Bull Fall flyer

I am so excited about everything Katty Delux, the Madewell gals and I have in store (pun intended) for this fabulous autumn event!

Fashion-a-Bull shoppers will be greeted at the door by some friendly doggies, including one wearing a Tiennot Knits Sweater, and some four-legged Chiefs fans who are coming over from Kennel Creek Pet Resort.

The first 20 shoppers will receive a free treat bag full of gifts and notes from our event sponsors.

The raffle prize list includes gift certificates from Tiennot Knits, Kennel Creek and many other awesome donors. And the list of goodies you can win just keeps getting better!

Katty scored a donation from Umba Box, and I picked up these gorgeous, handmade magnets from the Magnet Lady Kathleen Henn last night.

pit bull magnets by Kathleen Henn

Wouldn’t these look great on your fridge?

So far, we are about $150 toward our goal of raising $500 for the care of the dogs of Midwest Adopt-a-Bull.

If you are in the Kansas City area, please consider stopping by the Madewell shop at Town Center Plaza in Leawood. Our party is happening from 4-6 p.m.

Raffle tickets are $5, and winners need not be present to claim their prize.

Those who don’t take home a raffle prize can win as shoppers. Madewell has several sales going on right now, plus a special discount for our party. Everyone who attends will be entered in a drawing for a Madewell gift card and get to enjoy complimentary refreshments.

For more information, check out the Facebook event  page

For more prize pictures check out the Fashion-a-Bull Fall at Madewell photo album on Wayward Dogs’ Facebook page.

If you entered the Retro Vixen giveaway and are wondering if you won, check out this post at Katty’s blog Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth.

Pit Bull Supporters: Come Walk with Us

This Saturday, pit bull lovers all over will share stories, show off their dogs and generally make an effort to dispel the myths about canines that look like this:

tan pit bull

Ginger, a former foster of Our Waldo Bungie.

National Pit Bull Awareness Day is one of the many cool dog-related observances that takes place in October Dogtober (aka National Pit Bull Awareness Month).

Because a lot of people only know about pit bulls from bad stories they hear on the news, the awareness campaign was created to bring attention to the breed in a positive way — “to educate and foster positive communications and experiences in the communities” where people and pit bulls live.

One way to accomplish this is by getting pit bulls and people out in public for a walk.

The organizers of the Coast to Coast Bully Walk seek to get groups of people and pit bulls strolling the streets of every city this Saturday.

Every individual Bully Walk will be a testament to how many people have pit bulls, what sort of people we are and what kind of dogs pit bulls can be when in the hands of responsible owners.

Because we already get people and dogs together for a group walk at least twice a month, KC Pittie Pack, the dog socialization group I co-founded with Emily from Our Waldo Bungie, was delighted to hold a special event in conjunction with the Coast to Coast Bully Walk.

A recent group of KC Pittie Pack walkers.

As usual, all kinds of dogs are invited to our walk this Saturday. However, we do hope to get an abundance of bully breed dogs to participate! We will take our parade of costumed dogs (it is almost Howl-o-ween) around Mill Creek Park near beautiful Country Club Plaza.

At the end of the walk, we will ask participants and their dogs to pose for a picture and hold up a sign asserting themselves as a pit bull owner or pit bull supporter.

Afterwards, we will share those pictures with the Animal Farm Foundation for its I Am the Majority Project, which aims to erode the stereotype that pit bull people are not good people.

If you have a bully breed dog or just love them, we invite you to join us in Kansas City this Saturday. All attendees must pre-register through the KC Pittie Pack Meetup page.Everyone who RSVPs will be entered in a drawing for some free dog treats!

Don’t live in Kansas City? Let us know in the comments if you are attending a pit bull-related event this weekend in your town.

Click here for a list of events happening across the U.S. and beyond for National Pit Bull Awareness Day.
Like to sport pin-up style when you hang out with pit bulls? Enter the Retro Vixen giveaway!

Dog people are the best people

A few months ago, a reader tipped me off to another blogger who hails from Nebraska and is now based in Kansas City.

The website name Our Waldo Bungie let me know instantly this blogger lives in my very neighborhood.

Reading on, I learned more:

  • She has a garden.
  • She is a first-time homeowner.
  • She still owns the first dog of her adulthood — a very tiny one.
  • She and her husband are engrossed by the TV series Breaking Bad.

Emily and I began lurking around each other’s sites.

The commonalities didn’t stop.

She casually mentioned that Gael Garcia Bernal — one of my favorite actors — is one of her favorite actors. She blogged about a trip to Portland not long before Zach and I took our first trip to Portland. She announced that her foster dog was adopted — and then the dog was returned. We got excited that Charlie Machete was adopted — and then he was returned.

I needed to meet this girl.

So, Emily and I agreed to take a walk together on the Trolley Track Trail. We trodded and talked non-stop for two hours, and a friendship was born.

Through the past few months, we have shared a lot of laughs, links and tips on blogging, life and dog management.  Emily offers words of encouragement (and sometimes very helpful supplies) on the days when dog fostering (or whatever) stresses me out. She celebrates the good days with me and, in spite of being a busy graduate student with a husband and her own host of responsibilities, almost always find time to leave a comment on my posts.

I feel so lucky that my reader, my dogs and my blog all helped me connect with this wonderful person.

Turns out, Emily’s and my birthdays are just two days apart. (Coincidence or fate?)

So, I had Magnet Lady Kathleen Henn make the two magnets on this page for Emily. That’s Ginger Rogers, her first foster dog, at the top, and her forever dog Turk below.

I gave them to Emily yesterday, after our walk through Unity Village with KC Pittie Pack and Friends, the dog socialization group we recently founded together.

You can order a custom magnet for yourself or a friend, too. Just e-mail

If you haven’t already, please check out Emily’s blog.

Also, check out WOOF! Tails from St. Simons. That’s the blog kept by Miranda, the reader (and high school friend), who told me about Emily.

Has your love of dogs ever led you to someone amazing?

How do you make dinnertime last a little longer?


Big thanks to Emily at Our Waldo Bungie for hooking up Charlie Machete with a Kong Wobbler. Making our energetic foster dog work for his meal keeps him occupied at least an extra 20 minutes each day — longer when he inadvertently gets his Kong Wobbler stuck beneath a piece of furniture.

It’s amusing to watch him figure out the puzzle, and it’s good for his doggy brain.

What kind of toys or activities do you provide your dog for fun and mental exercise?

Socialize your dog with group walks

imageA while back, I wrote about Lozen, my friend’s Carolina dog (aka American dingo).

Named for an Apache War Woman, Lozen is a spirited yet well-mannered neighborhood dog. Our pack regularly walks with Lozen and her owner along the Trolley Track Trail to South Oak Park. We believe that walking side-by-side with Lozen and even playing with her off-leash has been instrumental in helping us socialize our once-feral foster dog Charlie Machete.

In thanks, I had Magnet Lady Kathleen Henn make this magnet as a tribute to our pack’s best friend:

The issues that we continue to work through with Machete, including leash aggression and over-excitement around new dogs and people, are not uncommon. Fortunately, these problems can often be overcome through well-planned and regular socialization, like our walks with Lozen.

And so, with the intention of helping other Kansas City dog owners feel more comfortable taking their leash-challenged companions out and about, Wayward Dogs and Our Waldo Bungie started a walking group.

KC Pittie Pack and Friends is founded in the tradition of similar groups around the nation, including California’s HikeABull and Chicago’s Sociabulls, which aim to help folks socialize their pets. The groups also exist as public displays that pit bulls are not the monsters they are often made out to be. Of course, we invite all kinds of dogs to be part of our group — that’s why it’s called KC Pittie Pack and Friends!

We took an unofficial test walk over the weekend, and everyone who attended had a great time.

To see more pictures and find out how you can join the next KC Pittie Pack and Friends outing, head to our newly formed Facebook community page!

If you live in Kansas City, we hope you will walk with us soon. Wherever you live, please feel free to share your suggestions about things we can do to make this group great.

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