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Wayward Living Tip: Use natural toothpaste

This is the year I dropped out of the debate over Crest vs. Colgate. My toothpaste (which I do not share with my dogs because it contains Xylitol, a substance toxic to dogs) tastes like sea salt and cloves or faintly of spearmint. I can use it with a dry toothbrush and swallow it if I have to. Since I began using it, I no longer find myself addicted to breath mints and I don’t wake up in the morning with a yucky taste in my mouth. My toothpaste leaves my teeth feeling smooth and clean. And although we didn’t discuss my choice in toothpaste directly, I think my dentist would agree: I got a glowing, cavity-free review at my last check-up.

I get my toothpaste from Nutressant, a local company operated out of Mission, Kansas, by husband and wife team John and Sandy Francis. They make an ever-expanding line of organic, toxin-free personal care products and household cleaners, including bar soap, lotions, deoderant and laundry detergent. According to the couple:

“We are passionate about making and providing you with Body Care products that contribute to your health and also protect our water and soil. We feel it is important to recognize the connection and how we impact the health of this planet.  All our products are petroleum and chemical free, and therefore, will not irritate the skin or pollute the planet.  All ingredients are vegan.  All fragrance is from essential oils which are plant based.”

I met John and Sandy over the summer at the Waldo Farmer’s Market. Around Kansas City, you can also find them and their stuff at the Brookside Farmers’ Market and occasionally at BadSeed. On December 10, you can find them at the KC Organics Holiday Market at Notre Dame de Sion High School (10631 Wornall). Or, you can order Nutressant products on Facebook.

Tonight, if you join me at the Ham-BINGO charity fundraiser for the Thomas Hart Benton Group of the Sierra Club, you will have a chance to win a huge basket full of Nutressant products, in addition to a whole lot of other local art and products.

Will I see you there?

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