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Pit Bull Supporters: Come Walk with Us

This Saturday, pit bull lovers all over will share stories, show off their dogs and generally make an effort to dispel the myths about canines that look like this:

tan pit bull

Ginger, a former foster of Our Waldo Bungie.

National Pit Bull Awareness Day is one of the many cool dog-related observances that takes place in October Dogtober (aka National Pit Bull Awareness Month).

Because a lot of people only know about pit bulls from bad stories they hear on the news, the awareness campaign was created to bring attention to the breed in a positive way — “to educate and foster positive communications and experiences in the communities” where people and pit bulls live.

One way to accomplish this is by getting pit bulls and people out in public for a walk.

The organizers of the Coast to Coast Bully Walk seek to get groups of people and pit bulls strolling the streets of every city this Saturday.

Every individual Bully Walk will be a testament to how many people have pit bulls, what sort of people we are and what kind of dogs pit bulls can be when in the hands of responsible owners.

Because we already get people and dogs together for a group walk at least twice a month, KC Pittie Pack, the dog socialization group I co-founded with Emily from Our Waldo Bungie, was delighted to hold a special event in conjunction with the Coast to Coast Bully Walk.

A recent group of KC Pittie Pack walkers.

As usual, all kinds of dogs are invited to our walk this Saturday. However, we do hope to get an abundance of bully breed dogs to participate! We will take our parade of costumed dogs (it is almost Howl-o-ween) around Mill Creek Park near beautiful Country Club Plaza.

At the end of the walk, we will ask participants and their dogs to pose for a picture and hold up a sign asserting themselves as a pit bull owner or pit bull supporter.

Afterwards, we will share those pictures with the Animal Farm Foundation for its I Am the Majority Project, which aims to erode the stereotype that pit bull people are not good people.

If you have a bully breed dog or just love them, we invite you to join us in Kansas City this Saturday. All attendees must pre-register through the KC Pittie Pack Meetup page.Everyone who RSVPs will be entered in a drawing for some free dog treats!

Don’t live in Kansas City? Let us know in the comments if you are attending a pit bull-related event this weekend in your town.

Click here for a list of events happening across the U.S. and beyond for National Pit Bull Awareness Day.
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The Pit Bull Issue by the Numbers

National Pit Bull Awareness Day is just five days away.

blue american pit bull terrier

Adoptable Arria is a blue American Pit Bull Terrier.

That makes now a great time to brush up on facts about dogs like Midwest Adopt-a-Bull‘s Arria and why her kind gets a bad rap.

What is a pit bull, anyway? What’s BSL? What side of the debate are you on?

Assuming you don’t already know, the infographic below (originally shared by 1800PetMeds) could help you decide.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have already seen the infographic. It’s so great, I just had to share it here, too.

The statistics and talking points are definitely going to be top of mind for me all week, as I sell raffle tickets for Fashion-a-Bull Fall at Madewell, the Midwest Adopt-a-Bull fundraiser and shopping party I’m co-hosting with Katty Delux.

The truth about pit bulls will also be part of the conversation as KC Pittie Pack gears up for a very special walk on National Pit Bull Awareness Day. Our Waldo Bungie and I will tell you more about that event tomorrow.

In the meantime, get on this infographic, which I hope you’ll want to share far and wide.

After that, go enter the giveaway for a gift certificate to Retro Vixen, outfitter of many pit bull loving fashionistas.

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Sunday Dogtober Dates (and a Giveaway)

Let’s just rename this month already. It’s not October. It’s Dogtober.

girl and a giant dog

So many canine-conscious observances happen in the 10th month of the year, including:

All of these special celebrations plus the milder weather also make this time of year ideal for outdoor pet-friendly festivals. And what better name for such a happening than Dogtoberfest?

Incidentally, that’s the name of the main event on my calendar today: Dogtoberfest runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Lake Fleming in Blue Springs, Missouri.

Zach’s sister Bethany and their other sister their family dog Echo the elderbelle accompanied me to another Dogtoberfest a couple weeks ago in Lawrence, Kansas.

Bethany and Echo

“Are you ready for this, old pup?”

We visited our friends at the Midwest Adopt-a-Bull tent where Arria and other adoptables were on display.

Amy from Fido Fetch Photography tried to snap a picture of Bethany, Echo and me. But the elderbelle got camera-shy.

Bethany and Crystal

Echo: “Is Blue Buffalo paying me to be in this picture? Then, no!”

It’s too bad, too, because Echo looked pretty cute in the bandana given her by a Blue Buffalo pet food vendor. The navy handkerchief was among many trinkets and treats we got at the Lawrence Dogtoberfest.

Because most of the edible items available at Dogtoberfest were not meant for human consumption, we headed out of the downtown park for lunch.

We had no trouble finding a restaurant with dog-friendly, outdoor seating. While we sipped fancy lattes and homemade hummus at Mirth Cafe, Echo hammed it up for a little boy on the other side of the window. The elderbelle did all of her tricks – sit, shake, lie down and play dead, but he was still afraid to pet her on his family’s way out.

pit bull dog in Lawrence, Kansas

“Why would anyone be afraid of little old me?”

Before our hummus and veggies arrived, Bethany noticed a pin-up fashion boutique next door to Mirth Cafe. She didn’t buy any of the retro dresses she spied, but if she had, I wouldn’t have teased her for wearing one right out of the store.

After all, what looks better on a bully breed lover than pin-up style? 

On that note, I’d like to remind everyone about Fashion-a-Bull Fall at Madewell, the shopping party and Midwest Adopt-a-Bull fundraiser I’m co-hosting with a real pin-up model one week from today.

Katty Delux, The Pin-Up from the Paris of the Plains, and I will be hyping this event throughout the week on our blogs and social media. We hope for a big turnout and lots of raffle ticket sales for this special Dogtober event!

If you can’t make it, we still invite you to make a donation to Midwest Adopt-a-Bull.

Katty also coordinated a special pre-event giveaway for pin-up fashion lovers who help us grow awareness about our event and the bully breed cause.

Follow the instructions at the link below for your chance to win a $20 gift certificate from Retro Vixen.

Click here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

A special video for National Pit Bull Awareness Day

What — you were expecting Sarah McLachlan? But wasn’t that Mark Morrison throwback so much better?

Who knows when mack daddy Mark Morrison will return to pop culture? But just in time for National Pit Bull Awareness Day, a certain mack-chete has returned to our care.

Silly me for prematurely starting the celebration of Charlie Machete’s adoption last week — before his new family had enough time to figure out that maybe they weren’t ready to take him on in addition to their baby rescue pit.

We were, of course, disappointed that what had seemed so promising didn’t work out. But we know he’s not the world’s easiest dog. And we were happy to see his whiskery smile again.

Machete may be a mutt, but he has that great, classic pit bull grin.

Yesterday, Our Waldo Bungie offered a great list of ways to celebrate National Pit Bull Awareness Day. One way is to foster a pit bull. I’m going to take that one step further. If it’s right for you, just go ahead and adopt a pit bull.

While you’re thinking about it, here are a few reasons to consider the bully mix at our house:

1.       He will help you get in shape. Machete is a high energy dog who requires a long walk – or, better, a jog – every day. Bonus: Although he was not leash-trained before he came to us, Machete is now our best dog on a leash.

2.       He is very affectionate. Machete just wants to be close to his people. He loves to cuddle on the couch, in the bed or at your feet. He’s a great kisser, too.

3.       He is food-oriented. Machete loves to eat, and he loves to chew on bones. His reward-seeking nature makes it pretty easy to teach him new tricks. He already knows how to “sit,” “shake” and “down.”

4.       The payoff is worth it. We don’t know Machete’s back story, but he clearly has some baggage. Of course, who doesn’t? Over the past four months (and a few annoying bumps in the road), what we’ve learned about this dog is that if you show him boundaries, respect, routine and love, you will get obedience, loyalty and love in return.

He's dreaming of the future.

Charlie Machete just needs to meet the person who’s willing and able to show him the patience he needs and deserves. Is it you?

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