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Machete Marketing: His own Green Business Cards

I’m kind of addicted to Moo cards.

At all times, I have at least three versions of Moo’s mini business cards on my person – one that promotes this blog’s Adoptable page, one that promotes this blog’s KC Pittie Pack page and one that promotes the KC Pittie Pack’s Meetup page (and features contact information for me and co-founder Emily of Our Waldo Bungie).

To be clear, three versions of Moo cards does not mean three basic business cards. Oh no, the beauty of Moo is you can have a bunch of the same business card, all with a different image on the front.

I like Moo cards so much that I got my colleague (aka Stephanie of Turtle Soup Daily) to design mini Moo knockoffs that we printed in-house to promote the marketing blog I manage at work.

So, really, for the past couple months I have had four Moo-ish business cards in my purse at all times.

And now you can add a fifth variety to the list: Full size, double-sided cards that show off foster dog Charlie Machete.

Thanks to a Klout perk (disclosure), I was able to get 50 Machete-specific cards and just pay for the cost of shipping. Because I already knew how nice the classic printing style is in the mini version, I opted for the recycled paper version this time.

As you may expect, the finish on the Green cards isn’t as sleek, and the cardstock is a little light. But I think the cards look great, and I’m always happy to go for the more environmentally conscious option on anything when I can.

Because I got the cards for free, I splurged a couple bucks for a cardboard business card holder in the hopes that a local business would let me set up a few Machete cards on the front counter.

You never know when someone might see that face and fall in love forever.

Big thanks to Amy at Fido Fetch Photography for providing images for the Machete and KC Pittie Pack Moo cards.

Foster dog Charlie Machete is available for adoption through Midwest Adopt-a-Bull.

If you want to order some Moo cards of your own, use this link for a discount:

Do you have business or networking cards? What do they look like?

Marketing with Moo cards

After we ended up with foster dog Charlie Machete, a couple of people recommended that I invest in MOO cards.

Uhhh, what?

Business cards. MOO is a just a brand that’s not very expensive and super easy to customize and order online.

It took me several months to follow through on the suggestion, but as soon as I checked out MOO’s website, I was intrigued. MOO just makes it so simple. Upload your photo — or choose some of their awesome stock imagery — and add your desired text, and in about a week, you have super professonal-looking double-sided business cards.

I opted for MOO’s famous minicards, which are half the size of a regular business card. I didn’t have a great photo of Machete at the time, so I chose one of MOO’s stock photo collections, which includes an assortment of beautiful dog photos.

For the information on the back, I included the tagline for this blog, the URL and Facebook page, plus the call to action “Find your next dog” followed by the URL for Machete’s adoptable page. In retrospect, I should have included my e-mail address.

Oh well, I can always order more.

100 cards came in this cute little box for less than $30.


How to use minicards or any business card to market your foster dog:

  • Give them to people you meet.
  • Leave two or three of them at the cash register of favorite stores and cafes.
  • Leave a few cards anywhere you leave a poster.

To be honest, I can’t tell yet how much the minicards are helping me market Machete. But I can say that whenever I whip out my MOOs for friends or new acquaintances, people get excited. The minicards have inherent novelty due to their size alone. Plus, mine all feature some crazy cute picture of a dog — of course they make people smile.

Also, MOO minicards look cool in this business card holder made of Jersualem stone that I received from the store Jerusalem Stone.

If you are thinking about ordering MOO cards to market your foster dog or for anything else, do me a solid, and use this link:

What attention-getting tactics have you used to market your foster dog, blog or business?

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