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Pit Bull Supporters: Come Walk with Us

This Saturday, pit bull lovers all over will share stories, show off their dogs and generally make an effort to dispel the myths about canines that look like this:

tan pit bull

Ginger, a former foster of Our Waldo Bungie.

National Pit Bull Awareness Day is one of the many cool dog-related observances that takes place in October Dogtober (aka National Pit Bull Awareness Month).

Because a lot of people only know about pit bulls from bad stories they hear on the news, the awareness campaign was created to bring attention to the breed in a positive way — “to educate and foster positive communications and experiences in the communities” where people and pit bulls live.

One way to accomplish this is by getting pit bulls and people out in public for a walk.

The organizers of the Coast to Coast Bully Walk seek to get groups of people and pit bulls strolling the streets of every city this Saturday.

Every individual Bully Walk will be a testament to how many people have pit bulls, what sort of people we are and what kind of dogs pit bulls can be when in the hands of responsible owners.

Because we already get people and dogs together for a group walk at least twice a month, KC Pittie Pack, the dog socialization group I co-founded with Emily from Our Waldo Bungie, was delighted to hold a special event in conjunction with the Coast to Coast Bully Walk.

A recent group of KC Pittie Pack walkers.

As usual, all kinds of dogs are invited to our walk this Saturday. However, we do hope to get an abundance of bully breed dogs to participate! We will take our parade of costumed dogs (it is almost Howl-o-ween) around Mill Creek Park near beautiful Country Club Plaza.

At the end of the walk, we will ask participants and their dogs to pose for a picture and hold up a sign asserting themselves as a pit bull owner or pit bull supporter.

Afterwards, we will share those pictures with the Animal Farm Foundation for its I Am the Majority Project, which aims to erode the stereotype that pit bull people are not good people.

If you have a bully breed dog or just love them, we invite you to join us in Kansas City this Saturday. All attendees must pre-register through the KC Pittie Pack Meetup page.Everyone who RSVPs will be entered in a drawing for some free dog treats!

Don’t live in Kansas City? Let us know in the comments if you are attending a pit bull-related event this weekend in your town.

Click here for a list of events happening across the U.S. and beyond for National Pit Bull Awareness Day.
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