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Remedy for a good time in Kansas City

I won’t pretend to be a real food critic.

But I will say I know good eats when they land on my plate.

Although Kansas City’s reputation as a foodie haven is growing, and there are certainly many enjoyable edibles to be had within a 7-block radius of my home, it had been a while since a restaurant in my neighborhood blew my mind.

Then, I discovered my Remedy.

The menu at my new favorite walkable Waldo restaurant features an emphasis on local, in-season food, and handmade, old-timey drinks. My favorite refreshment is called the King Louis. It contains vodka infused with fresh blackberries right there at the bar. Another house specialty is the Lily Pad, so named for the fresh basil leaf that floats in the gin-based concoction.

And the food? Equally delightful.

Remedy’s appetizer and dinner offerings consist of a mix of homemade kitsch (mini corndogs) and culinary sophistication (egg yolk ravioli was a recent special). I am guaranteed to mow through an order of honey-drizzled eggplant fries and put away several deviled eggs at each visit. Other must tries: the cauliflower steak (a vegetarian entree served on a bed of chickpeas) and the BLT.

Because a quality dining experience involves every sense, Remedy’s decor deserves mention as well. Everything in the room reflects the classic, DIY-artisanal mood of the menu, including the wine crates-turned-shadow boxes and especially the adorable mason jar terrariums in the center of every table.

The sunlight pouring in from two solid window walls made Remedy an unexpected location for my recent family photo shoot with Stacy Ideus Photography, which yielded some really fun pictures of my mother, my stepdad and me. You can check out a few of them on Stacy’s blog.

Of course, I also knew jetsetting Kenton would absolutely love Remedy, so when he asked for recommendations on where his birthday dinner ought to be, I refused to let him consider any other eateries.

As I am wont to do with any new discovery, I have obviously been crowing about Remedy to anyone who eats since basically my first taste. Besides Stacy and Kenton, I’ve also introduced several other Kansas Citians and out-of-town visitors, including my dad, to Remedy.

For a couple weeks, I showed up so regularly to meet friends that the staff began to recognize me and even comment on my hairstyle of the day. I checked into Remedy on Fousquare so many times that as of Saturday, I was still the mayor.

If I could afford it, this place would be my personal Cheers bar.

On the day of Stacy’s photo shoot, we actually went to Remedy twice. I gave one of my Moo mini cards to the manager on the second visit, and after checking out this blog he came back to the table pretty excited about one Charlie Machete.

Although the manager subsequently decided he’s probably not ready for a dog, Charlie Machete does hope to visit Remedy’s outdoor dining area sometime while sporting his Adopt Me vest. If I can be the restaurant’s mayor, maybe my foster dog can get a drink named after him.

What do you think would be in a drink called the Charlie Machete? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Disclaimer: This post reflects my honest opinions about the restaurant Remedy. I received no compensation for this review, although the manager did give me one free King Louis when he found out I was the Foursquare mayor.

Happy birthday to a dear friend

Did you go somewhere special over the weekend?

Did you celebrate an accomplishment, milestone or the mere existence of your loved ones?

That’s what my weekend was all about – eating, drinking, laughing, loving and generally basking in the presence of one of my favorite people in the world.

My best friend Kenton turns 27 today.

The flight attendant ordered an “Aviation” drink at his birthday dinner.

That fact is hard to believe, considering I met him nearly two decades ago, on the set of a children’s theater production in Beatrice, Nebraska. Over the years, we’ve been through so much – as geeky kids, as wayward adolescents, as roommates and now, as long-distance friends.

Scratch that friend part. Kenton is family – not by blood but by choice.

Happy birthday, brother! I love you, and so do all of your dog nephews.

In fact, Scooby has a special message for you on this big day:


Who’s part of your chosen family?

Come back tomorrow to learn about Remedy, the local restaurant I insisted on as the setting for Kenton’s birthday dinner.

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