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Neighbor’s Garden: Mike’s little lettuces

The Wayward House has a frontyard garden, which means the whole neighborhood can see what we’re growing. In fact, passersby often pause to inspect our growth and ask about what we have in the ground. (Some of them have even thanked us.)

That’s cool.

We also like to look at other people’s gardens. Like our friend and neighbor Mike.
Recently, Mike and his girlfriend Berry joined me for a little environmentally-minded community cleanup.

We joined a crew organized by the Waldo Homes Association to help remove the honeysuckle, a prolific and invasive species that chokes out native woods and greenery in this area.


After a couple hours of hauling honeysuckle branches into a giant pile the city would remove from nearby South Oak Park and enjoying a complimentary lunch for our efforts, Mike showed me his backyard lettuce garden.


Mike is growing several types of leaf lettuce and kale. Most of them he started from seedlings he purchased, but a couple of plants shown here actually lived through our creepily mild winter.

Rabbits run rampant in our neighborhood, so you can see that Mike has fenced his raised beds with chicken wire.

Later in the season, Mike plans to add some more vegetables to his pair of raised beds. He says he might even try sprouting some seeds from an heirloom melon I gave him and Berry last summer.

Although I offered him some of my extra pepper seedlings, I confess that I just planted all of them. And they actually aren’t that big or healthy-looking, anyway.

Do a lot of your neighbors have gardens? Do they grow different things than you do?

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