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How to Eat Leftover Birthday Cake

My mama made me a two-layer German chocolate cake for my 31st birthday.

I eat it for breakfast.


You know what tastes great with absolutely any chocolate cake? Coffee!

In case you’re wondering, the specific coffee in question is coarsely ground fair trade Guatemalan coffee from Kansas City’s own the Roasterie. I French-pressed it myself this morning.

I also eat my leftover birthday cake after dinner.

kona brewing company beer

You know what goes great with German chocolate cake in the evening? Hawaiian beer!

I am totally obsessed with this beer right now. I discovered Kona Brewing Company back when my friend Kenton and I visited Maui in 2008. In just the past month, the brand has become available at our neighborhood liquor store.

There are three other varieties available, but the Aloha Series Koko Brown is my favorite. It is brewed with toasted coconut.

Clearly none of the decadence on this page is suitable for canines to share.

But the non-screw beer caps do require the help of party dog Luke and his super handy bottle opener DIY collar accessory.

golden retriever with bottle opener

At your service!

What sort of decadence are you indulging in today?

Remembering Holidays in Paradise

stray dog in Hawaii

A wayward dog in paradise.

Believe it or not, my favorite holiday memories have nothing to do with dogs.

In fact, these moments occurred in a tropical paradise where visiting dogs are required to undergo a lengthy quarantine before they are free to run on the beach with their people.

My favorite holiday memories happened during my childhood, in Hawaii. My family was incredibly lucky that my mother worked as a travel agent. She could lock in on good deals early and take advantage of some professional discounts so that we could hop a plane to heaven at least once a year.

Often, this escape coincided with Thanksgiving or Christmas and New Year’s. Because I didn’t grow up in a house with brothers or sisters, several times I was permitted to invite a friend or my cousin along for the beachcombing, hiking and “hanging loose.”

The vibe in my family wasn’t perfect in those days long before my parents’ divorce. But I will always cherish those family vacations as some of the happiest moments – and the most mele kalikimakas – of my childhood.

Who could have a bad time in a place like this, anyway?


Maui, 2008

The pictures above come from a more recent trip, when I was the guest of my best friend Kenton‘s family on an excursion to Maui. Somewhere, there is a little tape full of video footage of that vacation, too, which includes the first time I ever saw whales in Hawaii.

Spread between my parents’ homes are also boxes and boxes of photographs from those earlier trips, plus clunky VHS tapes of preteen me shakin’ my thang in a grass skirt at a luau and, I’m pretty sure, clips of my oldest bestie Stacy and me on stage at a concert by the world’s youngest Elvis impersonator (aka the young Bruno Mars).

Having all of my Hawaiian memory footage collected in one place sure would be nice.

Fortunately, technology is making that easier.


This post is sponsored by YesVideo, a service that specializes in transferring photos, videos and almost any type of media, including VHS, to DVD.


Once you have everything together that you want YesVideo to transfer, you can either mail it straight to the company or drop your media off at four major retailers, including the photo counter at Sam’s Club.

Sadly, the deadline has passed to receive a DVD by Christmas this year, but this kind of commemorative gift would be ideal for any family holiday or birthday.

To learn more about YesVideo, check out these links:

YesVideo website

@yesvideo on Twitter

YesVideo on Facebook


What’s your favorite holiday memory that you’d like to preserve on video?

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Potted pineapple project


This might look like a dwarfish, dying yucca plant, but it’s actually my own living piece of paradise.

Pinterest recently led me to an amazing idea. You can plant a pineapple top in a pot and get a whole ‘nother pineapple in 24 months (aka two years)!

I realize that’s a really slow rate of growth on this project and not a very big harvest. But, as I already covered in the Tiki Dog food review, I am a sucker for anything that reminds me of Hawaii.

So, add the pineapple to the list of exotic plants growing in containers at Wayward House:

Want to pot your own pineapple? The steps are easy.

1. Cut off the stem, leaving about half an inch of flesh.

2. Place this pineapple crown in a shallow dish of water, covering only about half of the flesh, and let it sit in a sunny window for a few days.

3. Plant the crown in a mixture of regular potting soil and cactus potting soil.

About two weeks in, this potted pineapple project seems easier than the other exotics. The pineapple I started with was already pretty brown, so I wasn’t sure it would take off. I left the crown in water for about a week. After a couple of days the stem core started turning green again, and the total area that’s green seems to be increasing since planting.

For more details on the process from a more experienced pineapple starter, check out Tickled Red’s advice on potted pineapples.

What plant that’s not native to your area do you wish you could grow?

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