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What he said

Food, fun and intimidation.

Those themes sum up what readers thought high-perching deck dog Charlie Machete was saying in this picture.

Thanks to everyone who commented on Friday’s post and suggested what our foster dog could be saying to the world beyond his awesome, new deck.

Here are my three favorite interpretations. Click the pics to see them in full-size.

From Bassas Blog – a munchies-related remark that seems to grow out of another meaning of the headline “Dogs getting high”:

From I Love Schnauzers – a strategic hunting plot emerges:

From Our Waldo Bungie – the classic warning of a watchdog overseeing his family territory:

You can also find these speech bubble pics over on the Wayward Dogs fan page on Facebook.

Feel free to download the original image and meme it up yourself. I used my Google+ account for meme-ification.

If you’d like Charlie Machete to become your loving companion and guardian of your yard, check out his Adoptable profile. He’s available for adoption through Midwest Adopt-a-Bull.

Do your dogs think they are responsible for guarding your property? Share your stories in the comments.


Come back tomorrow for a special guest post that’s all about guard dogs and what kind of dogs are recommended by an actual home security company.

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