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The garden isn’t dead yet

Tiny cuts cover my hands from Sunday afternoon’s weeding extravaganza. Crabgrass and tall, unknown wild plants have been choking out the neglected garden all summer.

As Zach and I removed the invaders, we were surprised to find a rogue tomato plant thriving in a spot far away from our designated tomato area.

hidden green tomatoes

Who’s hiding back there? It’s me, Roma!

As long as the weather holds, these babies should ripen soon. I know we will enjoy them as much as the small basket of tomatoes we harvested a few weeks ago.

Weeding day also yielded a big, fat eggplant and a handful of peppers. We expect a lot more peppers in the coming weeks. After looking sad all summer, the eight or so plants that have hung on are getting heavy with blossoms and pepper nubs.

eggplant and peppers

Black Beauty and her pepper army.

How is your garden growing this time of year?

Want fresh produce from local farmers? If you are in Kansas City, stop by the Waldo Farmers’ Market today between 3 and 7 p.m. This is the last market of the year!
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