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Sunday Dog Date: The Roasterie

I start pretty much every morning with a cup of Roasterie coffee.

Roasterie coffee

Fair trade Guatemalan is my favorite.

Usually we homegrind and French press our own coffee from the locally air roasted whole beans available throughout Kansas City.

But last Sunday, Luke and I headed to the dog-friendly patio at The Roasterie coffee company’s Brookside neighborhood location.

In the heart of the Brookside shopping district, The Roasterie is a magnet for caffeine-addicted people and their dogs. Braver folks than me tie their pups to the bike rack while they run in for coffee. Others let their pups refresh with a drink from the community water bowl.

On nice days, the patio is often host to multiple dogs and their people. While we were there last Sunday, Luke was one of three canines at our table.

Much to Luke’s disappointment, his beloved Minnie had invited another fellow to our second Sunday Dog Date.

hunting spaniel

Teddy was tracking a bird.

Luke, always suspicious of other male dogs, took an immediate dislike to handsome hunting dog Teddy.

Fortunately for Luke, Teddy did not join us on the walk along the Trolley Trail that followed coffee.

Minnie, Holly and Luke

Luke just can’t take his eyes of his girl.

Don’t worry, Luke. Even though you no longer live together, you will always be Minnie’s husband. Holly says so.

Readers: What’s your favorite thing to do with your dog on a Sunday?


Sunday Dog Date

Luke and I got to see one of our favorite faces today.

Minnie the husky mix

Still enchanting.

Former foster dog Minnie and her mom Holly met us for fresh-squeezed juice and a pumpkin spice latte (for the people) on the dog-friendly patio of Coffee Girl’s Cafe

Located next door to Remedy, Coffee Girls is another favorite spot in my Waldo neighborhood to chill over tasty food and beverages.

I should have photographed the herbs growing out of mason jars on the inside tables.

But I was too giddy overseeing the reunion of lovebugs Luke and Minnie.

Luke and Minnie reunion

Street watchers.

The sweet little husky mix with one blue eye started singing as soon as she saw Luke and me round the corner. She seemed equally excited to see both of us after the past few months apart. She also seems very bonded to her mama, which makes me happy.

Between Luke and Minnie, the emotion was so high that Holly and I actually had to walk the dogs around the block to calm down before we settled into our table.

We didn’t want the amorous golden retriever and his sassy lady to disturb the other diners too much.

There were kisses, high pitched whines, kisses, happy jumping, kisses, yips and more kisses. Minnie gave Luke lots of licks across his nose and forehead. He seemed to enjoy that.

Back at the cafe, they eventually acted like they’d never been separated and were satisfied to observe the world while laying quietly and close to each other.

Minnie the husky mix sniffs the air and smiles.

Best. Smile. Ever.

After brunch we took the dogs to a nearby swath of unused property where they could run around off-leash like they did before Minnie moved out.

It was awesome – and interaction that these two dogs, who are able to play nice with each other, really need.

Luke and Minnie might not live together anymore, but they are still in love.

They insist on more dates. Soon!

Does your dog have a boyfriend or girlfriend that does not live with you?

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