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DIY Collar Accessory for Party Dogs

Tell me if this has ever happened at your house.


Someone arrives with a pack of beer. Maybe it’s super special handcrafted brews, from the Lagunitas (which has a pit bull on the cap), Boulevard (Kansas City-based, yo) or Deschutes breweries. Maybe it’s Corona.

Either way, you can’t crack the seal on those bottles without an opener. And dang if you can’t remember what happened to your bottle opener.


Turn your dog into a hooch pooch.

It’s easy. All you have to do is find a small bottle opener with no sharp edges and a keyring attachment. Then, you attach it to his collar.


Ideally, your dog won’t even notice that he’s wearing an extra piece of bling.

And you will always know where your bottle opener is. In fact, it will now come to you.


Always eager to please, Luke enjoys how being a hooch pooch makes him an even more popular guy at the party.

However, since canines can’t consume alcohol, this golden party dog is hoping someday someone will show up with a bottle of Dawg Grog just for him.

Have you ever attached something functional to your dog’s collar?

There’s still time to enter the Love Note Valentine giveaway.

For more gifts Luke and your dog would love, be sure to check out the Wayward Dogs Valentine’s Gift Guide!


Best DIY and Food Posts from Last Year

I know we’re already three days into the New Year, and I should be thinking ahead.

But, darn it, I’m still feeling nostalgic over 2012!

I love dogs so much that I blog about them nearly every day. But in between networking for adoptable dogs and taking infinite photos of the canines in my house, the fellow residents of Wayward House (both dog and human) and I also enjoy tasty foods and beverages and the thrill of making things ourselves.

I try to post about these experiences in the hopes of inspiring my lovely readers.

Memorable food and DIY posts from 2012:

homemade barking dog stopper

1. Homemade Barking Dog Stopper  – Charlie Machete’s new worst enemy went viral on Pinterest and generated the most single-day hits ever for this blog.

speedy stitcher sewing awl

2. Sew Your Own Dog Beds – Zach’s solution for sturdy, cost-effective and comfortable (as far as we can tell) dog beds involved the use of a nifty tool I have still never used – the Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl.

No bake sweet potato cookies.

3. Sweet Potato Peanut Buttery Frozen Goodness – This no-bake dog cookie recipe is super healthy and helped me use up some sweet potatoes leftover from the 2011 harvest.

Image copyright Stacy Ideus Photography 2012.

Image copyright Stacy Ideus Photography 2012.

4. Don’t Shop, Swap! – I like looking good as much as the next girl, but I hate to spend on fashion. Whenever possible, I trade clothes with my friends.

diy household cleaner

5. DIY Citrus-Scented Household Cleaner – I followed another blogger’s lead on this and managed to give up Windex forever.

diy detergent

6. DIY Laundry Detergent – We pass up the harsh chemicals of the commercial stuff and save money by mixing up our own sudsy soap for our clothes (and stinky dog beds).

gentle leader dyed with RIT dye

7. DIY Dye Project for Collars and Leashes – Zach turned a pink gentle leader into a macho camo green for Charlie Machete.

Volunteer lemon basil.

8. Basil Mint Tea – This refreshing recipe helped me deal with extra herbs from the garden and put an old pickle jar to good use.

king louis

9. Remedy for a Good Time in Kansas City – I was stoked when a new restaurant that values homemade and homegrown food opened up in my neighborhood.

Lemon Vodka Gingerade and Ginger Syrup

10. Lemon Vodka Gingerade – After my friend Lisa the DIY Gourmet gave us her homemade ginger syrup, we put our first two homegrown lemons to tasty use.

Have you tried a DIY project recently? Tell me about it in the comments!

Come back tomorrow for one more post full of 2012 reflections. After that, I promise to get on with 2013!

DIY dye project for dog collars and leashes

It’s not that the pastel pink head collar looked bad on the big headed black dog.

The hue associated with femininity and daintyness just didn’t seem right on a dog named Charlie Machete.

Believe it not, both dogs are wearing the exact same Gentle Leader® head collar in the following photos.

Photo by Fido Fetch Photography.


How did we Zach do it?

It was simple. He used Rit Dye.

Until recently, whenever I passed the little bottles of Rit Dye at the grocery store, I assumed they had something to do with headlice. I guess I was thinking of a totally different product called Rid.

As it turns out, Rit Dye is pretty awesome.

You can use the liquid or powder formulas to change the color of garments and other fabrics in the washing machine, in the sink or over the stove top. Depending on the fabric, you just add vinegar or salt to the mix. Just follow the directions on the bottle.

Within hours (or less), your old foster girl‘s head collar can go from pretty pink to a manly dark green.


As you can see in the picture, the threads in the Gentle Leader did remain pink. I call that a happy accident of chromatic accenting, which keep Charlie Machete looking extra stylish.

I have yet to tackle a DIY dyeing project myself, but Zach has had great luck lately changing the color of small fabric pouches and bags.

For the frugal and fashion-savvy, Rit has a great website with guides for transforming dowdy duds into trendy pieces. A small bottle of Rit costs less than $5 at the store. I have a feeling this new trick could bring new possibilities to the items I pick up at my next clothing swap.

Big thanks to Fido Fetch Photography for the gorgeous photos of Minnie and Charlie Machete!

Have you ever used dye to transform a piece of clothing or pet items? Share your tips in the comments.

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