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The best bird jerky

Emu or chicken? That was the question.


Yes, please!

No doubt about it — the two types of locally-made bird jerky we recently acquired got some dogs excited.

Jerky #1: Brian’s Best Gourmet Dog Treats

Brian’s Best Gourmet Dog Treats

Jerky #2: Emunity Omega Bars

Emunity Omega Bars

Minnie staked a claim early on in the Emu vs. Chicken Challenge, parking herself by the package of Brian’s Best Gourmet Dog Treats.

This aromatic jerky is consists of meat from free range, vegetarian-fed, antibiotic-free chickens raised on the Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch in Tampa, Kansas.


Heritage chickens are for huskies.

The package proclaims that these gummy meat strips are “Good enough for you. Good enough for your pets!”

The package also tells a story. On the back is a picture of a young man, Brian Anselmo, and a border collie. After graduating with his MBA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the local boy took up poultry farming, a trade he knew little about. The owners of Good Shepherd Ranch took Brian under their wing and he went on to become an advocate for humane farming, traveling around the region to teach other farmers how to improve their practices for the well-being of their livestock.

Brian passed away at the age of 28. His family started the Brian Anselmo Memorial Foundation in order to continue doing good in the world in his name. A portion of the proceeds from each package of Brian’s Best Gourmet Dog Treats goes to the Brian Anselmo Memorial Foundation, which in turn supports other education and child-focused charities.

I picked up ours package of Brian’s Best at the Sutherland‘s store in Waldo for $3.99.

That’s a couple bucks less than I would have paid for the emu jerky if I hadn’t received it compliments of The Pet Ranch at the recent Great KC Pet Expo.

Made in Kansas and available through Pet Ranch, a boarding and grooming facility in Olathe, Emunity treats consists of meat from American-sourced emus and vegetables like yams and carrots. The slightly tacky texture of the Emunity bars is similar to that of the chicken jerky, yet this jerky is less jerky-smelling.

During Scooby’s recent kibble strike, the emu jerky was a tool for me to whet his appetite and also a worked as a decent makeshift pill pocket that he gobbled right up.

But what if he had a choice between emu and chicken jerky? What would Scooby choose?

Can I really have both jerky bites?

Answer: Whichever jerky was closest to his mouth.

Although Scooby and the other dogs consumed the jerky treats with much gusto, none of them seemed to prefer one brand over the other. They simply wanted more when the taste test was over.

That’s a sign of good products, right?

Emu vs. Chicken

The quest for locally-made edibles for the dogs has yielded two recent discoveries: emu jerky and chicken jerky.

Chicken on the left. Emu on the right.

Two different Kansas brands make these treats. One uses birds raised on its own farm. The other sources American-raised birds. The packaging for each type of jerky makes similar claims about quality and the presence of healthy omegas in the product.

Emu jerky and chicken jerky both look and smell good enough for a person to eat, but we left the tasting to the dogs.

In fact, we staged a little Emu vs. Chicken Challenge.

Come back tomorrow to learn more about about these jerky treats and find out which bird came out on top, according to our pack’s taste buds.

Are you betting on Emu or Chicken? Does your dog have a favorite kind of jerky treat?

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