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Do you know this squash?

My mutant squash seems to have matured.


We harvested a dozen of these things this week. I am unsure precisely what they are. All are colored like butternut squash and some have that shape.  Others are bigger than a butternut, with a crooked neck.

They really are huge.


No matter the shape, each squash has a base about the size of a coffee cup.

The crookneck squash are about Scooby size.

How could I not know the variety of squash harvested from my own garden, you ask? Well, suffice it to say I’m not a very organized gardener.

I planted several varieties of squash, pumpkin, melons and cucumbers in very close proximity. The lone plant that yielded these fruits pretty much took over. And I was pretty sure that seedling – which I grew from seed – was a giant pumpkin.

Until we solve the mystery, these mutant squash are a nice addition to our kitchen decor.


Do you know what these mutant squash might be? Do you know a good squash recipe?

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