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Sunday Dog Date: The Roasterie

I start pretty much every morning with a cup of Roasterie coffee.

Roasterie coffee

Fair trade Guatemalan is my favorite.

Usually we homegrind and French press our own coffee from the locally air roasted whole beans available throughout Kansas City.

But last Sunday, Luke and I headed to the dog-friendly patio at The Roasterie coffee company’s Brookside neighborhood location.

In the heart of the Brookside shopping district, The Roasterie is a magnet for caffeine-addicted people and their dogs. Braver folks than me tie their pups to the bike rack while they run in for coffee. Others let their pups refresh with a drink from the community water bowl.

On nice days, the patio is often host to multiple dogs and their people. While we were there last Sunday, Luke was one of three canines at our table.

Much to Luke’s disappointment, his beloved Minnie had invited another fellow to our second Sunday Dog Date.

hunting spaniel

Teddy was tracking a bird.

Luke, always suspicious of other male dogs, took an immediate dislike to handsome hunting dog Teddy.

Fortunately for Luke, Teddy did not join us on the walk along the Trolley Trail that followed coffee.

Minnie, Holly and Luke

Luke just can’t take his eyes of his girl.

Don’t worry, Luke. Even though you no longer live together, you will always be Minnie’s husband. Holly says so.

Readers: What’s your favorite thing to do with your dog on a Sunday?

It’s 5K Day

We’re ready! (Even though Charlie Machete didn’t want his picture taken.)

Self portrait in running clothes

Self portrait in running clothes.

In less than an hour, foster dog Charlie Machete and I will begin the 5K Strutt with Your Mutt charity race to benefit Wayside Waifs. Big thanks to everyone who has supported us with encouragement and donations for homeless pets.

We racked up over $250 in sponsorships!

If you’re in the Brookside area of Kansas City this morning and see us run by, give us a holler. It should be hard to miss me in this outfit!

Note: I am wearing my KC Pittie Pack T-shirt instead of the official race shirt.

My first 5K

For 68 years, animal shelter Wayside Waifs has offered sanctuary, medical help and a second chance to homeless pets.

For 22 years, this organization has brought attention to its mission by bringing people and dogs together for a public race on the streets of Kansas City.

Strutt with your Mutt poster

Mutts will be struttin’

Many shelters exist in the Kansas City area. Wayside Waifs is one of the biggest, saving over 6,500 pets each year.

Whenever I meet people, of course, I always ask where their pets came from. I feel like almost 50 percent of the time if I ask that question in Kansas City, the response is “Wayside Waifs.”

Wayside Waifs is where Thunderlutz blogger Angela volunteers with shelter cats (which she once wrote about on this blog). It is also a shelter with which Kennel Creek Pet Resort recently partnered by getting a couple of adoptable Waifs dogs out of the shelter and into playgroups, training and, eventually, forever homes.

Now Wayside Waifs will be the reason I run my first 5K!

Strutt with Your Mutt consists of a 5K that can be run with or without a dog and 3K for people and pets who prefer a leisurely stroll through the beautiful Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City.

Participants set their own pace – on foot and in fundraising. There are prizes on the line for those who generate the most donations, but the physical race is not competitive.

That makes this event an ideal, no-pressure situation for Charlie Machete and me. As I pointed out yesterday, foster dog Charlie Machete is the most awesome jogging partner ever. But neither one of us in marathon condition.

We are currently jogging between 1.5 and 3 miles per day. We are slow. We are steady. We are committed.

I promised readers a few weeks back that to combat my premature old lady pains, I would make fitness and exercise a bigger priority in my life. Consider this event my way of staying accountable – while also remaining loyal to the cause of helping homeless animals.

Really – could there be a more perfect first 5K for me?

I hope to be running alongside fellow members of the KC Pittie Pack, some of whom have already committed to walking with their dogs in the 3K portion of the event. By the end of the race, I might be wishing I had opted to walk!

If you would like to sponsor Charlie Machete and me in Strutt with Your Mutt, visit our fundraising page and make a tax deductible donation to Wayside Waifs.

Charlie Machete jogging

Have you ever run a 5K? Tell us what we should expect!

#waywarddog challenge

Recognize us?

If you are friends with Wayward Dogs on Facebook, you may have seen this picture already today. Some other kind souls found this wayward pair on Sunday morning in the Brookside area of Kansas City. The dogs were found with collars but no tags.

At the time of this writing, these two dogs were being kept at Pampered Paws Grooming, a local business in the Waldo neighborhood that is very active in the rescue community. If you recognize these dogs, please call 816-333-2522.

I shared the story of these dogs on Facebook and Twitter to show that I am keeping up on my promise to be better about utilizing social media to spread the word about wayward dogs.

If you see, save or hear of a wayward dog, please share the tale and photo (if you have one) via Facebook, Twitter and any other social networks you use.

No matter where you live, feel free to post the info on the Wayward Dogs fanpage.

Also, tweet the alert on Twitter using the hashtags  #waywarddog or #waywarddogs. Tweet me directly at @crystalwayward and I will be happy to retweet.

We can save more lives if we work together!

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