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Minnie finds a forever home

Guess who’s been grazing greener pastures?


Mmm, grass!

That’s right. Minnie, the enchanting husky mix with heterogenous eyes and the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen, has gone and found herself a new home.

We are so happy for her!

Considering what a catch Minnie is — housebroken, good with kids and other animals, leash-trained, obedient and so stinkin’ cute — maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised that we received immediate interest about her as soon as I re-ignited the campaign to get her adopted.

Two parties stepped up, and Minnie spent a weekend with both of them.

She wowed everybody, but the ideal match turned out to be my good friend Holly.

That’s the spot!

The bonus about Minnie being adopted by someone I already know and like to hang out with: I’ll still get to see the old girl.

In fact, Minnie recently stayed a few days with our pack while Holly was out of town on business.

Knowing that Holly, who used to volunteer at a shelter in California, would be an awesome dog mom, I actually suggested months ago that she consider adopting Minnie.

She wasn’t ready for a dog then, but I’m so glad she is now. These two gals make a pretty pair.


Best friends

As Holly’s only dog, Minnie gets to bask in so much more attention than she received at the Wayward House. She also now lives right across the street from a park, where she’ll no doubt get to play with some of the children she so enjoys.

I’m so happy with this arrangement that I didn’t even cry when Minnie moved out!

Thanks to everyone for supporting us on our journey with Minnie. Please keep passing the good vibes in Holly’s direction!

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