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Homemade barking dog stopper

Meet Charlie Machete’s new enemy.

bad dog can

Loud LaCroix puts bad dogs in their place.

Loud LaCroix, aka the Bad Dog Can, is on a mission to end Charlie Machete‘s reign as the scary black dog who barks at passersby the self-appointed guardian of the Trolley Trail.

While it’s kind of nice that my foster dog could effectively scare off bad people with his mean-sounding bark, it’s less cool that he makes joggers, walkers and their dogs feel that they have to rush by our house for fear that the big black dog might hurl himself over the fence. (Knock on the wood of the new deck, he hasn’t yet.)

Letting a dog get all riled up can result in unintended consequences.

For example, if either Luke or Charlie Machete get overly excited about something, they are more likely to get into a scuffle with each other. And there’s no need to encourage that kind of behavior.

So, I’ve been trying to figure out how to keep Charlie Machete from getting all worked up when he’s in the backyard (a definite trigger zone for him).

My voice alone is not enough to startle him out of the territorial posturing he demonstrates for passersby.

A splash of water works, but the hose is never handy. Plus, I don’t want him to become any more suspicious of the hose than he already is at bath time.

Another volunteer from Midwest Adopt-a-Bull who was having trouble with her dog fence fighting with the neighbor dog gave me the “bad dog can” idea.

Basically, you just drop a few small, metal items in an empty aluminum can, seal the opening with tape and rattle it when your dog does something he shouldn’t.

I wasn’t sure the can I dubbed Loud LaCroix would be enough to intimidate old Charlie Machete, but so far it works. In fact, after one vigorous shake of the can two nights ago, he seems to barely make a peep on the deck anymore, even if I’m not standing right over him with the can in hand.

As long as Charlie Machete doesn’t develop an immunity to the sound of Loud LaCroix, I think my neighbors might be a little happier with me from now on.

Make Your Own Bad Dog Can

1. Find an empty aluminum can.

2. Drop in a five to ten coins, small screws or other items that will make noise when you shake the can.

3. Seal the opening of the can with tape.


Tip: Don’t rattle the can in the dog’s face or use it in a threatening manner. The sound alone should be enough to break his concentration on whatever he’s doing wrong so that you can redirect his attention positively.

Have you ever used a bad dog can? What else works to keep your dog from barking?

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