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What a Lovely Blue Velvet Coat

Meet Tessa


This pretty little pittie girl used to live in unsavory circumstances in a house full of dogs. Then, she ended up on death row.

Lucky for her, Midwest Adopt-a-Bull recently saved her.

However, her foster home didn’t work out, and now blue Tessa is back to living in a cage.

Until we can find her a new foster or forever home, Tessa is in boarding at A Dog’s Fun Playce, a rescue center and doggy daycare in my neighborhood.

Her accommodations aren’t bad, but she sure was happy to get out over the weekend when I stopped by.

Although we had never met before, Tessa greeted me with a kiss before dragging me out of the shelter.

She’s a pocket pittie at just about 45 pounds, but Tessa is pure muscle, and she’s not yet used to walking on a leash. For the first half an hour, she pulled like a sled dog, but as she got tired, she walked more politely.

tessa pro

I know with more practice, she will be a great walking or jogging companion.

My most important discovery about Tessa is that she’s not afraid of people. In fact, she likes them a lot and even gave kisses to two of my neighbors.

People like Tessa, too. Her silvery blue velvet coat garnered many compliments during my outing with her.


I plan on seeing Tessa again this week.

In the meantime, I am hoping to do some things to improve her current situation, such as bringing her Kongs and bones.

You can help Tessa, too.

Please consider making a donation in her name to Midwest Adopt-a-Bull, whose tiny budget is being stretched to the limit by the cost of her boarding.


If you would like to get something tangible in exchange for your giving, you can also buy a Beer Paws bottle opener from my Storenvy shop.

Beer Paws bottle opener

The front.

Beer Paws bottle opener

The back.

These button style bottle openers look great on your dog’s collar, at the end of a leash or on your own bag or keys. They’re even silver, like Tessa.

Until further notice, at least $1 from each Beer Paws sale will go directly toward Tessa’s care.

Order online today, and I will personally send you a Beer Paw!

Contact me with any questions.


Frankie Has a Question

Will you be my family?

adoptable red pit bull

Frankie is looking for a home of his own.

This is Frankie. If he lived with me, I would call him Frank the Tank.

I had the pleasure of making Frankie’s acquaintance during the recent Dogs on the Lawn event at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

He was hanging out with the puppies and mama dog who are also currently available for adoption through Midwest Adopt-a-Bull.

Of course, it’s impossible to resist adorable, fat puppies, but I have to say Frankie was my favorite dog to spend time with that day.

He’s a big guy with a kind face, and as I jogged him across the museum lawn at the end of the day, it occurred to me that Frankie would make one heck of a jogging partner.

Currently, Frankie lives in a foster home with multiple dogs and a toddler. His foster mama says he loves children and that he would do best as an only dog or with a submissive female.

He originally came to Midwest Adopt-a-Bull from North Dakota with his sister. She has found her forever home, but Frankie is still looking.

Do you know someone who would like to make this big, sweet boy their own?

frankie 3

Please share Frankie’s story with your social networks!

Interested parties can learn more about him at

Happy Pit Bull Awareness Day!

Sharpie the adoptable pit bull

Sharpie is a fine-looking adoptable pit bull.

If you’ve been reading this blog all week, you know where I am today – walking in support of pit bull type dogs like Sharpie in the Coast to Coast Bully Walk with adoptable Charlie Machete and the KC Pittie Pack.

And tomorrow: Hosting a shopping party and fundraiser for bully breed rescue group Midwest Adopt-a-Bull.

Buy a raffle ticket!

Also: Share your pit bull story today on the Midwest Adopt-a-Bull’s Facebook fan page for a chance to win a t-shirt and bumper sticker.

The Pit Bull Issue by the Numbers

National Pit Bull Awareness Day is just five days away.

blue american pit bull terrier

Adoptable Arria is a blue American Pit Bull Terrier.

That makes now a great time to brush up on facts about dogs like Midwest Adopt-a-Bull‘s Arria and why her kind gets a bad rap.

What is a pit bull, anyway? What’s BSL? What side of the debate are you on?

Assuming you don’t already know, the infographic below (originally shared by 1800PetMeds) could help you decide.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have already seen the infographic. It’s so great, I just had to share it here, too.

The statistics and talking points are definitely going to be top of mind for me all week, as I sell raffle tickets for Fashion-a-Bull Fall at Madewell, the Midwest Adopt-a-Bull fundraiser and shopping party I’m co-hosting with Katty Delux.

The truth about pit bulls will also be part of the conversation as KC Pittie Pack gears up for a very special walk on National Pit Bull Awareness Day. Our Waldo Bungie and I will tell you more about that event tomorrow.

In the meantime, get on this infographic, which I hope you’ll want to share far and wide.

After that, go enter the giveaway for a gift certificate to Retro Vixen, outfitter of many pit bull loving fashionistas.

Courtesy of:

Angel is looking for another angel

Yesterday, I shared a picture of a frightened pit bull mix who is missing part of her upper lip.

As I predicted, “Angel” still has a beautiful smile.

brindle pit mix smiling

Life is already getting better.

Angel is off the streets but still needs help.  Here is her story, as told by Julie, the Midwest Adopt-a-Bull volunteer who helped catch her:

I came to know “Angel” under sad circumstances, and I am now as motivated to find her a quality foster home, more than I have ever been in my life, about any dog. Angel was seen roaming in a neighborhood for several weeks but would avoid people, noises, cars…anything that made scary sounds or moved too quickly. She had come to trust a neighbor who was giving her food and water whenever she would show up here and there, and would return nightly to sleep outside the bedroom window, next to house in a safe corner.

The lady contacted me over the weekend, and we set up an action plan to try to get her to a safe place. Long story short, after an hour and a half getting to know Angel, feeding her treats, and moving ever-so-slowly, we were able to get her in my car for a trip to the vet.

brindle pit mix with missing lip

There’s a curious Angel.

She is the most tolerant dog I’ve ever met, turning away as the neighbor’s feisty chihuahua snapped and growled at her…Allowing me to carry her into the scary vet office lobby….Shaking and panting from her nerves, yet licking my hand when I gave her a treat. This poor girl needs help and needs it fast.

Angel is  heartworm negative and not microchipped. She is likely about a year old and definitely a pit mix, possibly a boxer or rottweiler mix.
She can be listed with Midwest Adopt-a-Bull but needs a foster home first.
Julie is certain that in a safe, loving, quiet home, Angel will respond quickly and become an excellent companion.
brindle pit bull mix

Will you be Angel’s angel?

If you or someone you know can help Angel, please leave a comment or contact Julie at jtischer77(a)yahoo[dot]com.

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