Foster Dog Success


Minnie is a gorgeous girl and longtime resident of the Wayward House. This 75-pound husky mix loves children and gets along well with other animals Minnie is mild-mannered, obedient and affectionate. She loves car rides and long walks. She does well on and off-leash.

Read about how Minnie came to live with us and how she found her forever home.

Foster Dog Failure

Charlie Machete

Shortly before Independence Day 2011, a wayward dog hanging out alone near our house became our foster project. Following a failed adoption, we rescued Charlie Machete for a second time.

Pure black from head to the tip of his tail, we said Charlie Machete is a black lab mix with a boxy head, velvety muzzle and webbed feet. He looked a little bit like a black panther

Charlie Machete was a wonderful companion who behaved well under supervision at Wayward House. He knew how to sit, stay and lie down.

However, while he loved to cuddle with people he knew, Charlie Machete struggled with fear-based aggression toward strangers. After several close calls, we made a heartbreaking decision in April 2013. RIP, Charlie Machete. Please know that you were loved.

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