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Dog people are the best people

A few months ago, a reader tipped me off to another blogger who hails from Nebraska and is now based in Kansas City.

The website name Our Waldo Bungie let me know instantly this blogger lives in my very neighborhood.

Reading on, I learned more:

  • She has a garden.
  • She is a first-time homeowner.
  • She still owns the first dog of her adulthood — a very tiny one.
  • She and her husband are engrossed by the TV series Breaking Bad.

Emily and I began lurking around each other’s sites.

The commonalities didn’t stop.

She casually mentioned that Gael Garcia Bernal — one of my favorite actors — is one of her favorite actors. She blogged about a trip to Portland not long before Zach and I took our first trip to Portland. She announced that her foster dog was adopted — and then the dog was returned. We got excited that Charlie Machete was adopted — and then he was returned.

I needed to meet this girl.

So, Emily and I agreed to take a walk together on the Trolley Track Trail. We trodded and talked non-stop for two hours, and a friendship was born.

Through the past few months, we have shared a lot of laughs, links and tips on blogging, life and dog management.  Emily offers words of encouragement (and sometimes very helpful supplies) on the days when dog fostering (or whatever) stresses me out. She celebrates the good days with me and, in spite of being a busy graduate student with a husband and her own host of responsibilities, almost always find time to leave a comment on my posts.

I feel so lucky that my reader, my dogs and my blog all helped me connect with this wonderful person.

Turns out, Emily’s and my birthdays are just two days apart. (Coincidence or fate?)

So, I had Magnet Lady Kathleen Henn make the two magnets on this page for Emily. That’s Ginger Rogers, her first foster dog, at the top, and her forever dog Turk below.

I gave them to Emily yesterday, after our walk through Unity Village with KC Pittie Pack and Friends, the dog socialization group we recently founded together.

You can order a custom magnet for yourself or a friend, too. Just e-mail

If you haven’t already, please check out Emily’s blog.

Also, check out WOOF! Tails from St. Simons. That’s the blog kept by Miranda, the reader (and high school friend), who told me about Emily.

Has your love of dogs ever led you to someone amazing?

A bewitching gaze for Magnet Monday

It didn’t take me long to choose an appropriate phrase for Magnet Lady Kathleen Henn to incorporate into her artistic treatment of Minnie.

Ever since we met this husky mix covered in mud and cowering on the Trolley Track Trail, a certain iconic Screamin’ Jay Hawkins tune has been stuck in my head.

If you would like a custom magnet of your favorite pet, e-mail

From small dog playgroup to a pack of pitties

Jessica and her sister Amy.

My friend Jessica and I met through our min pins.

Several years ago, we both replied to a Craigslist ad from a gal who wanted help socializing her new Chihuahua (a rough-looking fellow who had been living the wayward life under a dumpster).

Jessica and I both made it to the second small dog playgroup gathering — she with two red miniature pinschers named Nic and Andy, and I with my black-and-tan elderpin Scooby. Jessica and I have been friends ever since, dog sitting for one another and trading perspectives on animals, men, good food, cheap living and what to do when you find a wayward dog on the way to work.

Jessica is the first person I ever met who fostered dogs. She is a proud mama to a beautiful baby boy now, but she still has a pack of furbabies.

The newest canine addition to Jessica’s household is Julie, a gray pit bull she and her husband rescued from a local shelter. Julie is petite, athletic, a little bit shy and fantastic with the baby. She was a well-behaved and well-dressed addition last Saturday to KC Pittie Pack and Friends, the new way Jessica and I have to help socialize our pets.

After a hike with the KC Pittie Pack through the Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens, I gave Jessica a belated Christmas present:

Of course, the gift was a hand-painted piece of doggy art by Magnet Lady Kathleen Henn. Jessica’s sister Amy took the photo of Julie.

To order a magnet featuring your pet, e-mail

To be part of KC Pittie Pack and Friends, “like” the community page on Facebook or e-mail Our next excursion will be a walk around Loose Park in Kansas City, Missouri.

UPDATED: This one’s for the party dogs

Due to a technical issue that I still have not figured out, my original “party dogs” post published too soon but would not show up on my homepage. So, this is a re-post with some bonus magnet images in honor of the very first Magnet Monday of 2012.

At the end of the holiday weekend and beginning of a new year, is this how you’re feeling?

Weezer, my cousin’s hard-drinking English Bulldog , appears drunk after playing with her Killer Bite Beer Dog Toy. The toy doesn’t actually contain any liquid. However, I recently heard about Bowser Beer, a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beverage just for dogs.

Would you let your dog drink it?

Of course, this tribute to Weezer is a creation by Magnet Lady Kathleen Henn.

Kathleen has been very busy customizing magnets for me lately. In fact, our refrigerator is a little gallery of her work, and almost every pet owner on my holiday shopping list received one of her creations. Here are a few examples of magnets Kathleen has made for me recently:

Of course, this is Scooby, whose nickname is Scribbles.

Tori is the first tiny dog my family ever owned. She's 13 and lives with my mom.

Echo is the beloved elderbull of Zach's family.

To get your own original dog art, contact Kathleen at and be sure to mention Wayward Dogs so that a portion of your purchase goes to Friends of KC Animals.

Roll that beautiful bean footage

Remember this awesome commercial from the 1990s?

Our golden retriever Luke is a dead ringer for the dog in the Bush’s Baked Beans commercials. He’s handsome, loyal and confident. We are sure if he could speak, it would be in a deep, commanding voice (in keeping with his “I mean business” bark).

Luke also hides a mischievous streak beneath his regal appearance.

Leave a loaf of Farm to Market Bread a little too close to the counter’s edge, and he’ll casually remove it, as soon as the house clears of people. Luke helps us remember to throw toilet paper tubes into the recycling bin by plucking them out of open trash cans and trotting around the house and shoving them in your face before shredding them. Recently, he also retrieved a huge slab of Shatto butter from the refrigerator (still not sure how that happened) and learned to pop the latch on our pack’s airtight container of Evo turkey and chicken kibble when he feels like a snack.

However, it’s impossible to stay mad at a face like this:

Luke’s history of mischief goes back to his days in foster care. Zach found Luke about two-and-a-half years ago, running wayward through Kansas City, having busted out of his foster mom’s home. Fortunately for Luke, he ran into the right guy. It was a bro-mance at first sight.

Fortunately for us, Luke is truly more sweet and devoted than he is naughty. He is gentle, obedient, affectionate and just protective enough. (He once helped deter an intruder from a neighbor’s house.) In the beginning, Luke was not a big fan of Charlie Machete, but he has even come around to being a pretty tolerant foster brother.

In honor of our golden boy Luke, I asked Kathleen Henn to create a custom magnet featuring his likeness, just in time for Christmas.


What kind of mischief does your dog get into?

Awesome local, upcycled art

Are you ready for the holidays? I’m not.

I have accomplished very little shopping so far. Some of what I have gotten done occured within a tiny Waldo neighborhood shop that I recently visited for the first time.

Jerusalem Stone doesn’t look like much from the outside. In fact, located on a dead-end Waldo street, it’s easy to miss.

The shop specializes in beautiful, imported stone for use in decoration and design projects for homes and businesses. A few times a year, though, the shop turns into the site of a market for beautiful and unique handmade and vintage items.

Many of the artists incorporate found and recycled objects into their creations. When I was there last Saturday, I saw baby angels with real moth wings, jewelry made with reclaimed copper, gorgeous hand bags constructed of discarded upholstery and fabric scraps, and Boulevard beer caps dangling from earrings.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The slideshow above includes some of the items I saw. I especially love the sturdy and reusable totes upcycled from old rice, kitty litter and dog food bags. Those are the creations of the Green Bag Ladies and also available on Etsy.

I bought a tote made from an Ol’ Roy dog food bag for Zach’s mother’s birthday last week, a bolt of handmade fabric from Jerusalem and four fragrant bars of handcrafted goat’s milk soap. She loved it all.

Typically, the market happens on the second Saturday of the month, but it stretched over three Saturdays in December for the holidays and now won’t resume again until March. You can learn more about the artists and market at the Second Saturdays at Jerusalem Stone page on Facebook.

Who is left on your holiday shopping list?

Mondays just got cuter

Have you been wondering how that custom magnet of stinkin’ cute little Simba the poma-poo turned out?

Simba was, too, until Magnet Lady Kathleen Henn sent it to him in the mail:

Here’s a close-up on the art:

I think Kathleen does fabulous work. The colors and detail of her hand-painted magnets are even more impressive in real life, under natural light. They also look awesome on a fridge.

I’m such a big fan of Kathleen that I’m dubbing Mondays from here on out Magnet Mondays. She’s agreed to let me showcase different examples of her work plus the backstory every week.

Because this is the first-ever Magnet Monday, let’s look at one more piece of her awesome art. This one’s a little different from what you’ve seen so far – it’s wildlife art. And this Wednesday between 8 and 10 p.m., someone will win it!

Kathleen donated the otter magnet to be part of the prize packages I’ve been putting together for a charity BINGO event benefitting the Thomas Hart Benton Group of the Sierra Club. Her creation will be featured along with works by other local artists, plus a basket of goodies from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, a collection of organic body products by Nutressant, free passes to a theater production by Musical Theater Heritage and much, much more.

If you will be in the Kansas City area this Wednesday night, please join me and the Sierra Club for Ham-BINGO at Hamburger Mary’s in the Crossroads district. You can find complete details at the Facebook event page.

Next week on Magnet Monday, I’ll share one of the custom magnets that Kathleen made for me. If you have ordered a magnet from Kathleen that you’d like to see featured at Wayward Dogs, let me know.

Remember, you can order magnets any time by e-mailing Be sure to put Wayward Dogs in the subject line, and she’ll donate $1 of your purchase price to Friends of KC Animals.

The polls are open! Vote in the Wayward Dogs Photo Contest!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

OK, folks! The time has come to cast your vote in the Wayward Dogs Photo Contest. The 24 photos in the slideshow above represent all of the entries submitted for a chance to win a custom piece of doggy artwork by Kathleen Henn.

Voting will take place between now and 5 p.m. CST Friday, November 18, over at the Wayward Dogs fanpage on Facebook. Just head to the album called Wayward Dogs Magnet Contest and click “Like” for as many photos as you’d like to vote for. If you submitted one of the adorable pictures, please encourage your friends to vote for your dog. You are also welcome to add your dog’s story as a comment below his or her photo.

I will announce the winner over the weekend.

The cuteness is pretty overwhelming, so I think it will be a stiff competition! Who’s your favorite?

Last day to enter the Wayward Dogs photo contest

Today is the last day to submit your dog’s photo for the Wayward Dogs photo contest. Following a week of voting on Facebook, one winner will get one of Kathleen Henn’s pieces of original doggy artwork.

Kathleen recently just finished up a new style of background for the magnets she’s making this season. Here’s a picture of what her art looks like before she incorporates a photo of a dog, cat or person:

Kathleen describes the new look this way:

 “Remember when you were a kid, and you’d draw with crayons and then put blue watercolor all over it?  And how it made white crayon color really seem to glow?  That’s the look I’m going for with these.  Some of the whiter ones I think will look like opals.  They’ll be GREAT to use for black dogs.”

Don’t forget that you can also order magnets directly by e-mailing When you do, remember to put Wayward Dogs in the subject line of your e-mail. That way, she’ll donate part of your purchase to Friends of KC Animals.

As for the contest, be sure to send me your dog’s photo by 5 p.m. CST today. Send pics to with Wayward Dogs photo contest in the subject line.

A bunch of adorable pictures have already come in, so I predict next week’s compeitition will be an overload of adorable!

How you can win a custom magnet featuring your dog


Kathleen, artist-ing.

Last week, I told you about Kathleen Henn, the animal lover and artist who incorporates actual photos of pets into hand-painted magnets.

Right now, anyone who orders a magnet from Kathleen (by e-mailing her: and puts “Wayward Dogs” in the subject line will get $1 of the per-magnet purchase price donated to Friends of KC Animals, an awesome local organization dedicated to helping homeless and neglected pets.

Starting today, Kathleen is working with me to provide readers of this blog with another cool opportunity: a chance to win one of her custom magnets for free!

Here’s how the contest works:

Send me a photo of your dog sometime between now and 5 p.m. Central Standard Time this Friday, November 11. (If you have more than one dog, feel free to send a picture of each. But please submit just one picture per dog.)

E-mail the photos to me at Put “Wayward Dogs photo contest” in the subject line and include your dog’s name, plus anything else you’d like to share. Your dog will be identified only by his or her own name on Facebook.

Over the weekend, I will upload all of the photo entries to a special album on the Facebook fan page for Wayward Dogs. As soon as that album goes live (probably sometime on Sunday, November 13), voting — in the form of “Likes” — will begin!

Judgment Day will be Sunday, November 20, at 5 p.m. Whichever photo has the most “Likes” is the lucky winner.

This means that if you haven’t already “Liked” Wayward Dogs on Facebook, you’ll want to do it soon so that you can encourage all of your friends to vote for your dog. If you don’t mind the competition, encourage your friends to enter, too.

Although the winner will be determined by the Facebook public, it’s a good idea to keep Kathleen’s tips in mind as you decide which picture to submit. She provided the following four pictures as examples of photos that made good magnets.

Kathleen dubs this shot good because: "good lighting; no shadows cast on the dog; in focus; interesting facial expression and for that reason, easily captioned if someone so desires."

Kathleen says this photo is good for the same reasons as the one above.

Kathleen likes this photo because "his whole body is visible, and I have LOTS of wiggle-room if I choose to crop it, which I will."

Kathleen likes this photo for all of the same reason as those above.

I can’t wait to see all of the pictures of your lovely dogs in my inbox! Good luck everyone! I know this will be a fun contest! If you have questions about anything send me an e-mail or ask in the comments below.

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