We’ve been keeping track of wayward dog sightings, chases and saves since June 11, 2011.

*A sighting is defined as glimpsing a lost dog but being unable to attempt rescue.  A chase is a pursuit that doesn’t end in a catch. A save is a successful reunion or rehoming of the animal.



1. Black lab mix near Swope Park, July 24

2. Stella the boxer/pit/greyhound mix, July 27

3. Border collies (2) at Indian Creek Trail, July 28


1. Small black dog near Loose Park, July 16


1. Malakai, male Siberian Husky, January 3

2. Tara, female pit bull, May



  1. Wayward Blond #1, August 12, 20, 24
  2. Wayward Blond #2 (w/collar), August 23
  3. Chow dog (w/collar), August 20
  4. Brown pit bull (w/collar), August 30
  5. Murray, one-eared, six-toed bully mix, October 13


  1. Black, long-haired Chihuahua, mangey, October 31
  2. Stella the boxer/pit/greyhound mix, December 30


  1. Stella the boxer/pit/greyhound mix, June 11, 18
  2. Bella the rough coat collie/akita mix, June 14
  3. Charlie Machete, pit/lab mix, June 30 (NEEDS FOREVER HOME)
  4. Meatball, Boston Terrier, August 21
  5. Spot, white pit bull, September 10
  6. Carter, blond lab mix, November 11


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