Benefit of a Buzz Cut

Luke said c’est la vie to his golden locks.

golden retriever gets a buzzcut

Luke’s imitation of a goldendoodle.

In the hopes that the weather will soon get warm and stay that way, Luke recently got the shortest haircut he has ever had.

My goals with this ‘do were:

  1. To reduce summer shedding
  2. To lengthen the typical time between grooms
  3. To limit his opportunities to accumulate debris (especially the thorny kind)

But getting Luke shorn extra short also came with another benefit.

The groomer found a stray staple in one of the scars from his recent lump removals.

Apparently, the vet missed this staple on the follow-up visit. It may be why the swelling around that particular incision site never completely subsided.

All is well now, though. The vet removed the staple, and Luke is now living proof that regular grooming is good for more than aesthetics and comfort. Regular grooming can help uncover health issues before they become a problem.

Big thanks to the groomer at Kennel Creek Pet Resort for being thorough with our Luke!

Has your groomer ever discovered something strange on your pet?

About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. I’ve always wondered, does a golden retriever with a summer cut look a lot like a labrador?

  2. My goldendoodles have a ton more hair than that. He looks so cute though!

  3. Loving the capture – that bushy tail:) WOW – finding a staple – way to go groomer! Happy Friday – Happy Weekend

  4. Our groomer also happens to be the kids aunt. While she hasn’t found anything on our doggies (they get so much “heavy petting” from us that we tend to find little things first) we do always consult with her to see if we’re being over-worrisome parents or if we should scheduled a visit to the doc. She has found lumps on several of her clients and even helped detect cancer early on in a few of them!

  5. Great that the staple was found, bet the vet was relieved too. Does Luke enjoy the buzz cut?

  6. Wow, a stray staple, good thing that was found and removed. We’ve never really found anything strange with our dogs. When Boomer had his lump surgery a month or so ago I noticed some stitches coming out of his skin but they were the disolvable kind so thing to worry about!

    • The dissolvable stitches are so much preferable to staples. Then again, a while back when Luke had regular stitches he managed to just pull them all out in a day or two, which meant $400 was wasted! Glad Boomer and Luke both came out OK on their lump surgeries.

  7. I know Luke has to feel sooooo good…So glad you were able to find that staple and get it out!!!! Happy weekend!!!!

  8. Yikes! Glad you found that staple.

  9. Great picture! Wow they left a staple in!!! Glad that was found.. 🙂

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