If porcupines were tree branches, they would look like this.


Long-haired Luke picked this up in his golden tailfeathers last night during our jog along the Trolley Track Trail.

He squatted down to do his business, and when he stood up, this foot-and-a-half-long weapon was swinging from the underside of his tail. Because his fur kept him safe from the thorns, he seemed more confused than anything – like a cat with a string tied to its tail.

Never have I more wished to be carrying a pocket knife on an outing.

However, instead of cutting around the evil entanglement, I spent ten bare-handed minutes, gingerly tugging strands of hair away from the sticky, hair-like thorns, many of which lodged themselves in my skin throughout the process.

Charlie Machete seemed to be laughing at us all the while.


Oh well, it was an adventure!

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, several thorny varieties of deciduous trees grow in Missouri. I think our spiky branch was new growth from a black or honey locust that fell off due to the recent snowstorms.

Many honey locusts grow along the part of the trail we were on. They have a terrifying appearance, their own branches wrapping around the trunk like wooden barb wire.


What hazards must you watch out for on your outings?

About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Ouch is right! Those thorns wrapped around the tree look pretty vicious and almost unreal but very apropo for the Easter season.

  2. Ouch is an understatement, I hope you are both thorn free now!

  3. YIKES – OUCH – thorns go away!!! I live in the high desert and do not garden without gloves and wear high hiking boots when mountain hiking – even the tumbleweeds here have thorns. I thought my hiking boots would protect me pretty well, but a few years ago I must have gotten a spider in my boot and it bit me on the ankle bone – took 6 weeks to heal. Stay Away for the Thorny Types – Happy Friday:)

  4. Wow those are some thorns!! I hope your hands are okay. Off the top of my head the worst thing I can think of are snakes, their not poisonous just freak ya out when they come out of no where slithering in front of me 😉

  5. Amazing pictures. I would not want to bump into that!

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