Dogs in Boots: A Tragedy

After the first round of snow blanketed Kansas City, I suited up Luke and Charlie Machete in their winter weather gear.

Due to his propensity to get ice balls stuck between his toes, I recently began putting boots on Luke during snowy walks.

As with most things, the golden retriever tolerates the boots. And as long as they stay on, they do keep his feet dry and clean. Sadly, he lost one boot in deep snow five minutes after this video was taken.

golden retriever in snow shoes

Pro tip: Dog boots are not so good for trudging new paths through snow drifts.

This was first time I ever managed to get boots on Charlie Machete. He seemed so uncomfortable, however, that I did not make him wear them out of the house.

I am pretty sure if I had, a certain snide little elderpin would have never let the black lab mix live it down.

Let me know what you think of this video. Scooby’s cameo is my favorite part.

Have you ever put snow shoes on your dog?

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  1. I cant seem to play the video 😦

  2. Just too adorable! Ray doesn’t wear boots and since he’s moderately to highly obsessed with our shoes, that is just a recipe for disaster.

  3. Poor old Charlie, he does look uncomfortable 😉 Luckily we hardly ever have snow – ours would model them pretty much like Charlie!

  4. Luckily I don’t have to put any of my animals through the humiliation, as we don’t get snow.

  5. I love when you first put boots on a dog how they highstep around until they are comfortable. It looks like Luke did better than CM, sorry to hear that a boot was lost though. That sucks.

    Dottie had to wear a single boot when she tore off one of her nails. Instead of even trying to walk she just became a tripod and refised to use the foot until the boot was off.

  6. Hahahhaah, love to see dogs in boots (much more than they enjoy being in them)!

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