Confession: I Ate a Dog Treat

I have eaten from the bag on the right.

natural pet treats made in Kansas

KCcanine Natural Pet Treats

It was just a nibble from a KCcanine Natural Pet Treats Prairie Beef Jerky Nugget.

No biggie.

I knew the dogs wouldn’t realize I had dipped into their stash.

And I had to know – what exactly makes jerky for dogs different from jerky for people?

miniature pinscher

The answer is: Not much.

Jerky is jerky – meat that is cut into strips and cured through drying.

And that’s exactly what the beef nugget meant for a dog tasted like to me. It was just a little more bland than I would prefer – no spicy pepper.

Some kinds of jerky are more processed than the nuggets. It may consist of various bits of meat formed into “strips” and held together with binder substances, such as wheat. That was the case with the Ideal Balance “jerky strips” I reviewed (but did not taste) a while back.

KCcanine Natural Pet Treats offers both traditional and pressed jerky. However, corn, soy, wheat or creepy, artificial preservatives are not part of the recipe for these Kansas-made products.

See for yourself:

KCcanine Natural Pet Treats ingredients

KCcanine posts ingredient lists for its pet products on the company website.


If you’re like me and live in the Kansas City area, KCcanine represents an opportunity to buy local for your dogs and support a small family business.

All ingredients come from the U.S.A., if not the Flint Hills of Kansas directly, which means with this jerky you don’t have to worry about the risks currently plaguing brands made in China.

I am so in.

And that makes these guys super happy.

golden retriever and black lab mix begging

More jerky please!

KCcanine Natural Pet Treats are available at a variety of pet supply and grocery stores around the Kansas City metro area. 

I get mine from the Boutique at Kennel Creek.

If you do not live in this area, you can order direct from

Have you ever eaten a dog treat?

Disclaimer: I am not associated with KCcanine Natural Pet Treats, but I did receive a sample bag to review from Kennel Creek Pet Resort.

About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. I’ve tried the K9 Bytes treats that I make. The are made from human grade ingredients. I think they could use some sugar, but the dogs don’t miss it!

  2. Every mouthful we eat is considered a dog treat! But no, not in the sense you mean 😉

  3. Why yes I have eaten a dog treat. Sometimes you look at these frosted “cookies” they make for dogs and wonder if the pretty treats taste any good. They have all natural ingredients in them so why not give them a try? I must say that I don’t recommend doing that though, they are rather bland and no matter what you do the aftertaste won’t go away. You can ask my hubby, he’s tried them also!

  4. Are we not supposed to eat our dogs treats? Oops! I do thr on a regular basis – probably too regular since my husband “brags” about it to people (usually when using an example of how odd I am). I haven’t tried too many since I’ve started a paleo diet though since many of our have oats or flour in them.

    We’ve been making jerky on a pretty regulat basis latley and I don’t know why I hadn’t ever thought of making jerky for the dogs at the same time. Thanks for putting that idea in my head!

  5. I tried a nibble of the very simple, human grade ingredient training treats I make just to see why the dogs are so crazy about them. That one was just peanut butter with peanuts as the only ingredient and whole wheat flour, and seemed very dry to me. Pretty sure my dad has sampled the peanut butter treats he makes as well, which are more complicated but also from human ingredients.

  6. Abbie Stutzer

    Daphne loves this jerky. It smells so good! I don’t eat meat, but if I did, I think I would try it.

  7. My dog LOVES KCcanine Natural dog treats! I have tried the Beef Nuggets too! Actually good!!!!
    We love that the treats are made in the USA- right here in Kansas!

  8. Funny you should ask, I tend to try some of the stuff I give the animals, because I won’t give them anything a human can’t have. Good to know you can buy local

  9. My staff dislikes meat – but my dad was licking accidentally on his finger as he prepared my food ;o)

  10. Ashley makes all of Max’s treats and blogs about some of them on Recycled Rover. Some of the treats are made in double batches because we eat as many of them as Max does (sometimes more – oops!). Cranberry-Lemon fruit leather, beef jerky, peanut butter meringue drops, roasted chick peas, and various dried fruits and squash.
    As for treats sold to the dog market, I have tried Charlie Bears (cheese flavor) and they were “eh”. I also usually pick up a few of the oat bites from the treat table at Treats Unleashed when we go there. Max can’t have grains so obviously they’re just for me 😉 Basically just oats, cranberries, honey, and peanut butter.

  11. Now you’ve done it… dad loves Jerky now he will order this for us and eat it all.. sigh…. hehehe
    The collies

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