Red is a Good Color for Valentine’s Day

Meet Kane, the Red Tri-Bull Dog!

three-legged pit bull

Who’s ready to take home this pit bull smile on three legs?

One of the Puppies for Parole residents who has been at Ozark Correctional Center the longest is a three-and-a-half-year-old red pit bull mix named Kane.

This dog has a very loving and friendly personality.  He is very smart, a quick learner, energetic and has bonded very well with his handler. What makes him unique is the fact that he has only three legs.

Although born with all four legs, Kane was hit by a car and his owners failed to get him proper medical treatment.

After six months of thinking his leg would heal on its own, they finally took him to the veterinarian, who had to amputate his left front leg.

From the first day he arrived at OCC, it was quite apparent that his so-called disability was NOT a disability for this dog.  He can run and play with the best of them, and has overcome any obstacles associated with his lost leg.

His loving nature and great personality puts him totally at odds with the bad stereotypes people have of pit bulls.

Anyone interested in adopting Kane can contact C.A.R.E. Center in Springfield, Missouri, at (417) 875-6565.

MIssouri Puppies for ParoleEvery month Wayward Dogs features an adoptable dog like Kane  from the Missouri Puppies for Parole program, a national leader in prison-based dog training.

There are lots of single P4P dogs looking for love this Valentine’s Day. Check out more available puppies at P4P’s brand new website!


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I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Here’s wishing Kane a speedy adoption. I’m always amazed at how well dogs manage with only three legs. He looks just lovely.

  2. What a special treasure he is. I hope he finds life long love soon!

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