Luke has Lumps!

golden retriever

About the same time I read about the mysterious lumps that Emily over at Adventures of a Dog Mom found on her labrador Boomer, I made a similar discovery on Luke.

Actually, I found a few suspicious bumps – one above the skin and a couple under it. All of them are on his abdomen.

Fortunately, at this time, our vet believes Luke has nothing more serious than fatty tumors, which will be removed next week when he goes under for a routine teeth cleaning.

However, lumps and bumps on any dog can be serious. And golden retrievers are particularly affected by cancer.

According to Pukka’s Promise,  a book by Ted Kerasote I am currently reading, about 60 percent of golden retrievers get cancer.

To learn more about goldens and cancer, check out this post from The Daily Golden.

Have you ever found a strange lump on your dog?

On a happier note, be sure to check out my Valentine’s Day gift guide for dog lovers if you haven’t already!

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  1. I’m glad the lumps aren’t anything life threatening. Lumps and bumps are not a fun thing to find on elderdogs! 😦

  2. All my best wishes for Luke and his surgery next week

  3. Melvin has had a few lumps, all benign. He had one on his ear that we were watching and one night it opened up and I found him in a pool of blood the next morning! He was fine, i was not!!!! Hope Lumpy-Luke is a-ok!!!

  4. Stupid lumps! I hope that the vet is right that they are nothing serious. Best of luck to Luke with his surgery next week!

  5. Sampson used to get them. I think they are called lipomas. Retrievers of all types are especially prone to them. Good luck!

  6. Also, sadly, I think statistics say 50% of dogs overall get cancer. It sucks!

  7. Thank you Lord for it not being cancer! We are praying for Luke’s health and send you lots of collie hugs!

  8. Oh No – poor Luke – I am amazed how similiar dogs are to humans with lumps and bumps, cancer, lyme disease, etc. Get Better Soon Pup!

  9. Go away lumps! I’m glad you are getting them looked at during his teeth cleaning (props on keeping the teeth sparkly btw). Dante has a mole on his hind leg that the vet is not concerned about. However, it seems there are quite a few dogs out there in the blog world that are having problems with lumps and bumps. I might want to get his mole checked out!

    • It’s so tempting to just ignore moles and bumps and lumps when they don’t seem to be affecting anything. However, I guess we need to address them on the dogs as well as ourselves. You just never know what could be lurking. :/

  10. Glad you got them checked up straight away – we lost a Golden far too young through cancer . Here’s a link to a great couple of posts by a vet in Australia about the topic

    • Sorry to hear about your golden. Thanks for sharing that link. Some of the pictures are hard to look at, but the information is great! Very helpful as I continue to monitor the dogs and their lumps.

  11. We had a recent scare with Trev just recently too. He had the fatty bumps as well. Our little guy is getting more grey by the day…Each day, I just continue to love him more! Blessings to your Luke!!!!

  12. Shiner has a few growths, all of which are nothing but papillomas. Fortunately, most lumps on dogs turn out to be fatty like Luke’s. Always best to have them checked out though Hope his teeth cleaning goes well!

  13. My friends dog had similar bumps on his abdomen and they turned out to be fat deposits as well so I’m hoping for the best! We had two lumps removed off Rufus before we moved. I knew they were nothing, but it can be scary for sure.

  14. Recently took DeDe to the vet because I found a new lump on her. The vet acted like I was being silly in getting it checked out and then charged me a fortune for an office visit. This wasn’t my regular vet (I was trying a new one) and I won’t be going back.

    • Settling on a vet that you trust and who you feel has respect for your decisions and opinions about your pet isn’t easy. Sorry you didn’t have a great experience. But I’m glad DeDe has you to look out for her. 🙂

  15. I hope that everything goes ok with the surgery xx

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