This Changes Everything

I have a real camera!


Instagram photo of a camera.

As much as I love Instagram and my HTC Evo, a smart phone is not ideal for photographing everything.

And I think, you, my readers, deserve some better quality photos anytime I can manage to provide them. Here’s hoping the Fujifilm Finepix helps me do that.

I’m still a little bit afraid of Mr. Fuji, but I’ve started snapping pics and attempting to edit them with free Photoshop-like online software.

Check out a few highlights from the past few days.


golden retriever

This is his “I’m getting my picture taken” face.

miniature pinscher

“Do my ears make me look like a bat?”

Fake Mustaches

I took the camera to a gathering of the Kansas City Fake Mustache Club.

Members of the Kansas City Fake Mustache Club.

kansas city fake mustache club

Wanna know the best part of my new toy?

Thanks to the peer recognition program at my work, I didn’t have to pay a penny for it.

I earned Mr. Fuji by hoarding the points I receive every time one of my colleagues tells me “good job” via a special online nomination system. (Gotta love that corporate perk.)

What kind of camera do you have? Do you have any tips to help me get better with mine?

You can learn more about the fake mustache party by visiting later today.

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About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. You could definitely scope out a few how-to’s via pinterest! I think I have pinned one or two “using your camera” pins on my “This is useful” board. 🙂 Yay for new cameras!

  2. We mostly use a Canon PowerShot point and shoot. While indoor winter lighting is still an issue (we just don’t have anything between harsh and non-existent), it’s a great little point and shoot. While it’s no DSLR, the dim lighting setting is at least ten times better than on my old camera – decent but muted pictures instead of blurry ones without flash. I’ve been looking back on my summer photos sadly because I just can’t capture those photos right now.

    We play around with the settings a lot – auto works nicely sometimes, but even switching programs to beach, kids and pets, etc. can make a big difference. I haven’t found the patience for editing beyond cropping and hitting auto fix.

  3. I’m a Canon girl… I’m so proud of you for stepping up your game, girl!
    practice makes perfect ; )

  4. I am so jealous but way to go hoarding all those points and getting it for free! I have an old Kodak model and a Nikon Coolpix that I use in addition to my phone and both are OK but they aren’t the DSLR that I’ve been dreaming about.

    • Well, if it makes you feel better, this isn’t actually a DSLR. It just looks like one. Much of the functionality is the same, but the lens is not removable. I’m hoping to get good with this and maybe move up to DSLR in a year or two. That will require some serious point hoarding!

  5. Jealous! I’m working up the nerve to buy a “real” camera. I’ll be interested in following your progress.

  6. Congratulations on the new camera. i love the fake mustache pictures – very funny! 🙂

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