Happy Toothday

Today is a special day.


Today, Scooby and I will both have our teeth worked on.

Admittedly, his cleaning and potential rotten-tooth-removal will be more intense than my little fillings.

Also: Because Scooby has to be put under for his procedure, he wasn’t allowed to eat breakfast this morning. That’s why he refused to look at me for this picture.

Wish us luck – especially him.

On a serious note: Dogs’ dental health is important. Scooby had bad teeth when he came to me and has lost at least 9 through the course of daily life and three professional cleanings. I have never been good about brushing his teeth regularly at home. (Bad dog mom!)

Although I hate to put him through a full-blown dental procedure at his age, our vet believes cleaning up “the sewer in his mouth” will improve his overall health.

How are your dog’s teeth?



About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Good luck both of you! Ours have a mostly dry diet and dental chews regularly but you can see slight build up of plaque. You’re right – oral health really is important.

    • A mostly dry diet and bones/chews definitely help. Charlie Machete ends up getting a lot of peanut butter in his Kongs, and he still doesn’t have much tartar buildup. I credit all the bones he devours!

  2. Ray is still young (14 months on Friday) and his breath smells like…air. He lets me brush his teeth, but I don’t do it regularly. I know I should start while he is so willing and get us off to a good start.

  3. Good luck to all Wayward dental patients!

  4. Wishing you both well. Thank you for taking such good care of your fury kid. 🙂 Paulette, a grateful dog mommie

  5. Good Luck – Happy Tuesday:)

  6. I am a bad dog mom, I don’t brush Boomer and Dottie’s teeth, never have and most likely never will. However, they are major chewers and their chompers look really good for their age because of it. At ages 9 and 7 each of them have had their teeth cleaned only twice and they were really quick dentals too.

    Good luck to Scooby today, I’m sure he’ll feel much better without those bad teeth. And, best of luck to you too!

    • I’ve never brushed big dogs’ teeth as much either. However, back in my 4-H days, we used to not only brush our dogs’ teeth but also scrape off the tartar with the edge of a dime. Obviously, not the most sanitary trick, but my rottweiler and miniature schnauzer sure did have sparkly whites!

  7. I go in spurts — brush them religiously then forget for months! You are a good momma!

  8. Good look guys! Small dogs seem to always have worse teeth than bigger dogs do. I think it’s great your getting his teeth cleaned!

  9. I’m reading this late in the day, but I am glad to hear that Scooby made it out okay. Have you thought about having Dr. Knapper do his dentals? He doesn’t put pups under for it. Rufus’ cleaning was relatively quick and painless.

    • Yes, I did think about Dr. Knapper and have recommended his services to others based on your awesome experience. However, Scooby has been in and out of Aid Animal Hospital an awful lot lately, and so I just decided to stay consistent with the care. And I must say, I’ve never seen him come out of anesthesia so well. He’s been bopping around all night like a young dog!

  10. I love Mr. Scooby =)

    We have never brushed our dog’s teeth, but they chew on rawhides a LOT. This keeps the plaque from building up and they have healthy teeth because of it!

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