A Movie for a Dog

scooby and a turtle

Here’s a fun activity for you and your dog.

Turn on the following YouTube video, preferably on your biggest screen and plop your dog down in front of it?

Does Fido watch?

A Dog Tale: A Movie for Dogs is a short film created by a team of film students at Michigan’s Grand Valley State University.  Experts, including scientists, trainers and dog owners, helped the students to include many elements known to stimulate dogs and presented in an attention-generating (to a dog) way.

The only problem: YouTube isn’t smell-o-vision. As his most powerful sense, scent is how a dog “sees” the world.

This was obvious when we showed the movie to our dogs, on the biggest screen in our house. The animal sounds, squeaky toys and red fox flitting across the screen did not cause Scooby, Luke or Charlie Machete to do more than twitch an ear.

Visual media developed with dogs in mind will always be limited in its impact.

(However, that didn’t stop DOGTV,  a paid streaming TV channel for dogs, from being created.)

Check out what else the students learned in the short “dogumentary” that accompanies the film.

Do your dogs watch TV?

Now that you know a movie isn’t the right thing to give your dog this Valentine’s Day, check out some better ideas in Wayward Hearts – a Valentine’s Gift Guide for Dogs and Dog Lovers from Wayward Dogs!

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I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Well, it might not work for dogs but it’s certainly got one of our cats very intrigued!

  2. Every time I put something like this on the only thing the boys do is think there is a dog outside and they run from window to window like maniacs looking for it! It took two years of watching House Hunters for Melvin to realize it wasn’t our doorbell ringing.

  3. Boomer and Dottie will sit up and stare at the TV for a second, cock their heads and listen and then go back to whatever it was they were doing before. They just don’t respond to the TV that often unless it’s a high pitch sounds that scares Dottie and makes her run into her Dottie cave under the bed.

  4. Dulcie LOVES TV. When she was a puppy and we would crate her when my Dad left for work she would watch Clifford the Big Red Dog. Now she has her own seat on the couch and watches t.v. w/ Dad every night. Not sure all she watches is age appropriate, lol. Favorities include Dallas, Vegas,Homeland. Also likes Westminster but will only certain breeds. Crazy!

  5. They get intrigued if there is any high-pitch noise on TV or if I’m watching a video of them and they hear a voice the recognize. They go crazy when they hear my mom and they try to find her:) If I’m lucky, there is a lot of head tilting…haha.

  6. Beary loves watching documentaries and vet shows – http://wp.me/p1m5Gv-xT

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