What’s Another Way to Say Charlie Machete?


dogs play at Kennel Creek Pet Resort

Can you spot Chettty?

“Chetty” is how my big, black foster dog is known at Kennel Creek Pet Resort, where he has been attending daycare regularly.

Thanks to my partnership with the Kansas City-area pet boarding, grooming and training facility, I was able to enroll Charlie “Chetty” Machete in daycare at no cost.

He also recently spent a whole week in boarding at Kennel Creek for what I called his “socialization vacation.”

The results of his regular interaction with a variety of other dogs and people in a controlled environment have been pretty awesome.

Chetty comes home tired every night, and he even seems to listen to me better.

Because Kennel Creek is right on the way to the office where I work, Chetty joins me – in his Cruising Companion car harness – for my daily commute.

That’s fun – I like getting an extra goodbye kiss every morning. And Chetty never throws a fit when we part ways in the lobby.

Sometimes I tune into Kennel Creek’s play cams during the designated big dog playgroups. I didn’t think Chetty would be able to handle playing in a large group of dogs, but at Kennel Creek, he has been doing OK.

Chetty plays

He’s looking into the camera!

His favorite handler explained to me that Chetty wants to engage with the other dogs. Just like at home, he sometimes struggles with reading the signals of those who may not want to play with him, but he has made some friends.

The hope is that through continued, supervised and controlled exposure to other dogs, his socialization skills will keep getting better.

So far, so good. Can you believe it?

Kennel Creek also invited me to share Chetty’s story in the customer newsletter.

Kennel Creek Pet Resort december newsletter

To read the newsletter, click here.

Maybe someone who reads it will decide this handsome boy is the dog for them!

If you or someone you know would like to adopt Charlie “Chetty” Machete, check out his Midwest Adopt-a-Bull profile.


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. This is awesome, I’m so glad he’s making friends and having fun in daycare.

    • Me, too! I am so proud of him and grateful to everyone at Kennel Creek for putting up/helping him. We can really tell the difference on the days when he doesn’t go to daycare. He really benefits from all the additional stimulation and exercise.

  2. Love that nickname for him and it’s great that he’s doing so well in large groups!

  3. Glad Chetty discovered daycare. We love it and we love your new nickname.

    • Thanks! We have never called him Charlie at home, anyway, and I don’t think he can tell if you just drop the fist syllable of Machete. Plus, “Chetty” doesn’t sound so tough. (But don’t tell him that!)

  4. Wow – this seems like a really great facility then!

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