Dog Fights Suck

Zeus knows it.
American bulldog mix

Have you ever been around when some dogs got into an altercation? Unfortunately, I have, and it’s one of the worst experiences in the world – especially if you love one or more of the dogs involved.

Breaking up a canine scuffle isn’t easy. A very, very loud noise or a spray of water to the face can sometimes help break the fighters’ attention long enough to separate them.

Anytime you’re in the vicinity of snarling and snapping dogs, use extreme caution. Dog bites suck, even when they’re accidentally delivered.

Poor Zeus, the 7-year-old boxer or American bulldog mix pictured here knows all too well how much dog fights suck. Due to changing circumstances in his human family, he landed in a home with two other big dogs who ganged up on him.

American bulldog mix


white boxer mix

Sad face.

Zeus is currently recovering at an animal hospital in the Kansas City area. He is about ready to have his sutures removed, but he does not have a safe home to go back to.

According to the family’s report, Zeus is a sweetie who is good with other people and dogs.

If you or anyone you know can help this dog by fostering or adopting him, leave a comment and I will put you in touch with the right people. If you can’t help at this time, please consider sharing Zeus’ story.

Have you ever had to break up a dog fight? How did you do it?


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I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Poor old Zeus – that was some injury. Good luck in finding a home.

  2. Poor Zeus, sounds like he was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time. I hope he’s healing up OK and will have a safe place to go to soon.

    While working in a veterinary clinic you see all sorts of injuries and ill animals. But, it’s certainly not fun when the injury happens at the clinic. I had to break up a couple of dogs in the waiting room once, it was a situation where there was a little too much nervous pent up energy and they decided to take it out on one another. Luckily they were both fine, just a little freaked out.

  3. Oh poor boy! I would take him in a second if I was in the area. I have a soft spot for boxers! I hope he finds a good home.

    I have never had to break up a dog fight, but when Nola was just 6 months old, she got attacked by an older dog and had to have emergency surgery on her nose. It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed, and the scream she let out still haunts me.

    There is really no better way to say it, dog fights do suck.

  4. That looks like a nasty injury. Hope he finds a good home.
    I saw a fight once, it was pretty bad. They tried the cold water thing but that didn’t work, so they had to get a spoon down the dog’s throat to make it gag and let go of the other dog.

  5. OMG – poor Zeus – looks like a sweetie too!

  6. Poor Zeus, being ganged up on like that. I do hope that he finds a suitable foster or, preferably, forever home soon. My heart goes out to him.

  7. My BabyGirl who is not dog friendly and didn’t like when Midnight first came to live with us. So the first couple of months were hard on us all. They did get into fights and yes I have been bitten trying to break it up. So I was reading on the web to stick something in their jaw to loosen their grip instead of trying to pull them apart. I tried this when they were fighting and the only thing handy was my vacuum cleaner extension tube . It worked and I was able to separate them. The tube made it also but needed to be mended .Things have gotten much better sense those days. The 2 are now more like sisters and I am glad that I spent the time helping them become important to each other.

    • I am so proud of you for sticking it out and helping your girls get along. To be honest, I had not heard of sticking something in a dog’s mouth to make it release. I feel like when our dogs have scuffled, there’s too much quick movement. I hope you were not hurt too bad when you got bitten.

      • No I wasn’t hurt that bad, took a while to heal. I am glad we are past that stage 🙂 I just put it in the first dog mouth that was accessible. I was really tired of getting bit so I had to try something. I think my making the point that no fighting will be tolerated finally sunk into them both. My dogs have to have attention and affection. When they got into a fight I would give them nether. It was so had to look at those sad , pleading eyes and not give them attention, but I stood my ground and also time out helped. They really don’t like timeout. They got the point and turned to getting to know each other instead.

      • You’re a great dog mom!

  8. Oh that is scary. Poor sweetie. I hope he recovers ASAP and someone opens their home to him!

  9. Poor lovely Zeus. We hope he finds his furever home with lots of loves and no fighting soon.

  10. Dog fights are the worse.. luckily our collies never have a big one….. but my neighbors labs had one and it took us a 15 minutes to get it broke up….. what broke it up was I got mad and picked one up by one arm (amazing what anger and adreniline will do) by the scruff of the neck and screamed at the top of my lungs at it “CUT IT OUT NOW DAMNIT!!” Its eyes got big and it broke loose running for the back door…. I grabbed the next one and did the same thing with the same results and then we patched up the poor dog who was being ganged up on. I apologized to my neighbor and she hugged me and said thank you as we stood there gasping for breath….. she said my veins stood out in my forehead and my face turned purple and she wanted to run too but she was thankful I did it for she was crying as her babies were fighting and we couldnt get them apart. After it was over she started laughing because she was relieved no one got seriously hurt and she said she was glad I was there and was her friend for if I wasnt she would’ve run for sure… not sure if that was a compliment or not….

    • Wow! Good for you! I think I would have had the same reaction as your neighbor – shock and awe! Seriously, though, it can be hard to step up and take action to break up a dog fight. It can be such a scary situation that a person can just become frozen like a deer in the headlights. I’m glad you stepped up and saved that day.

  11. Unfortunately I had to break several dog fights when I was growing up with my dog. I was a teenager and my dog used to have issues with other dogs. We did avoid any encounters with other dogs but you can’t always completely avoid other dogs and sadly it happened.

    Dogs, normal dogs will never bite a human, not the owner not someone else. That said in the heat of the fight they might bite you and do some serious damage by accident. If they bite you by accident they immediately release.

    If you need to separate dogs in a fight you need to do what colliesofthemeadow did, you grab them by the neck away from the mouth and shout like crazy like at them. It works. And be quick in your movements and be prepared to move away from them if you need to.

    If you are not sure about doing that DON’T do it. If you are not going to be quick or you are afraid don’t get into it, they might bite you by accident and you might need stitches. My brother got his hand pierce side to side in one of those ones, of course the dog let his hand go as soon as he realised but by them the damage was done.

    Alternatively try separating them with a broom or a stick keeping the distance from them, something that will create a barrier between the dogs and interfere in the fight.

    If you are lucky you will never have to do something like that but if it happens it’s terrible but think that is not your fault and things happen. Though it can quite traumatic to see.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments and your suggestions, Olga. You must have been such a brave teenager, breaking up dog fights like that.

      I hope you never have to experience that again.

  12. Poor Zeus 😦 I do hope he finds a happy home.

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