Happy Halloween from the Wayward Pack and Friends

pit bull pumpkin

Not my jack o’lantern, but an awesome one!

Everybody loves to see a dog in a costume.

But we went simple with the Halloween outfits this year.

Scooby put on his “monster” coat.

scooby in a monster jacket

Let sleeping monsters lie.

There’s a skull and crossbones. It’s festive.

scooby in a monster coat

With the right Instagram filter, an old dog’s face can look less gray.

Foster boy Charlie Machete pretended to be A Guy Who Likes 90s Music.

charlie machete in a shirt

“I’ll just be over here listening to 96.5 The Buzz.”

charlie machete in a band shirt

“A flea plays bass? That’s gotta be a really small guitar!”

Surprisingly, he didn’t mind that old Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt at all. I put it on him last night for the photo shoot, and then he slept in it until morning.

Could it be that Charlie Machete the macho man is secretly a fashion-a-bull fellow who enjoys dressing up? He sure looked good in his Preppy Guy Outfit last Sunday…

Some other Midwest Adopt-a-Bull dogs are getting into the Halloween spirit, too.

Check out some of the adora-bull pics I found in my inbox last night:

Starbuck (aka Buck) is handsome as ever in his festive bandana:

Buck in a Haloween bandana

Where’s my treat?

Remember Angel? She survived scary life on the streets, but now she’s looking good in a candy corn bandana.

Angel the rotty mix in a bandana

Life is much sweeter now.

Check out Angel (aka Ariel)’s adoptable profile.

Mugsy has two costumes.

Mugsy the witch

Mugsy the witch.

Maybe I just have 90s music on the brain, but this one makes me think of a Blind Melon song:

Mugsy the bumblebe

Mugsy as a bumblebee.

Happy holiday, everyone! I hope it’s a safe one that involves many treats for you and your pets!

What are your Halloween plans? If they involve dressing up your dog, feel free to share a pic on the Wayward Dogs fanpage on Facebook!

About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. What a glorious collection of happy-faced fashionistas! Happy Halloween to you all 😀

  2. Too cute. Have a wonderful, safe and happy Halloween!

  3. Your pack is dressed and ready for action – ha! Happy Halloween:)

  4. I giggled through all those photos, Happy Halloween!!

  5. Extremely adorable!
    My dog was a pirate for Halloween!

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