Review: Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Flavor Natural Dog Treats

Friendship is one of the awesome side effects of blogging.

You make new friends. And, at least in my case, you also reconnect with old ones.

labrador puppy card

This card arrived in the mail not long ago. The precious puppy looks a lot like I suspect Charlie Machete did as a baby.

Inside the card was a loving note from my Nebraska friend Shawn. We showed our dogs in 4-H together as kids and performed in community plays together as adolescents. But we fell out of touch over the years, pretty much until she started following this blog.

Shawn still has dogs – a mastiff named Boo and a one-eyed springer spaniel named Dulcie, a certified therapy dog whose story I recently highlighted in a post. Shawn also was one of the people who so kindly sponsored Charlie Machete and me in the Strutt with Your Mutt 5K.

The cute card came from the whole pack.


As the note indicates, they also sent something else – something Charlie Machete couldn’t wait to get into.

Machete noses a box

What’s in here?

Machete reveals the box

Ehmergerd! Peeeenert berter from Trader Joe’s!

Just as Shawn predicted, the Peanut Butter Flavor Natural Dog Treats from Trader Joe’s were a big hit with our pack.

The peanut buttery aroma was too much for them to handle, really. It made them all excited, wiggly and hard to photograph.

Trader Joe's Natural Dog Treats

Doggy crack.

These cookies come in various fun shapes like squirrels and cars the size of Scooby’s head. I had to break them up into bite-sized pieces for the elderpin.

squirrel trader joe's dog cookie

Recommended Scooby servings per squirrel: At least 3

We have a tendency to be too generous with the treats at our house, so this box didn’t last as long as it should have.

But it’s so hard to ignore those pleading puppy dog eyes.

Machete looking at the camera

C’mon, foster mama! Gimme a race car!

Big thanks to Shawn for treating our pack to some baked peanut buttery goodness!

Although I don’t shop at Trader Joe’s very often, I would definitely consider picking these up again.

Other than including wheat, which we think Luke is slightly allergic to, there wasn’t anything scary on the ingredients list, and the dogs, obviously, found the cookies to be delightful.

Readers: Have you ever gotten Trader Joe’s dog treats for your pups?

About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Sadly don’t think we can get them over the pond 😦

  2. Haha, I love the dog caption! That never gets old!

  3. What an awesome thing to get in the mail! Prezzies are always nice. Unfortunately we’ve never given our pups Trader Joe’s treats, I don’t even know where we would get them unless we ordered them online.

    • crystalwayward

      Kansas City only got a Trader Joe’s this year. People get really obsessed with the store. We pick up things there when we need something, and it’s convenient. But I think you probably have equally good options for everything you need right where you are. 🙂

      • Emily @ Adventures of a Dog Mom

        We do have a couple places that sell gourmet treats that the pups go gaga for. But, they can get really expensive.

      • crystalwayward

        That’s why I’ve been taking to making most of our dogs’ treats when I don’t stumble into a freebie or a gift from a friend!

  4. We get most of our treats at Trader Joes! Our dogs love the chicken and brown rice sticks, the liver treats, and sweet potato chicken treats. I was so relieved that TJ buys nothing made in China! Love that store!

    • crystalwayward

      Yes, with all the Chinese chicken issues right now, it seems more important than ever to invest in USA-made treats.

  5. I found some dog cookies they are Sweet Potato and my dogs Love them They are made by Three Dog Bakery an of all places they are made in Kansas City. Have you ever herd of this Company?

  6. our dogs LOVE those treats! They are HUGE and barely fit in their jar, but we break em in half pretty easily. : )

  7. I picked up some of these for my Mom’s 2 dogs. I understand about the peanut buttery aroma. I opened up the inside bag and the aroma made me want to eat one. I took one big treat, broke it up in 4 pieces. The dogs devoured them and then looked at me with those eyes….lol…Will definitely be buying some more of these!

  8. I’d like to find out more? I’d like to find out more details.

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