Delicious Kong-fections for everyone

A Kong for every dog!

three sizes of Kong Classics

The Classic Kong toy.

If you are a fan of Wayward Dogs on Facebook, you have already seen this picture. Following a visit to Target the other night, we became a three-Kong household.

I trust that most readers already know what Kongs are, yet I was surprised to be asked for an explanation by a woman in the checkout line. She seemed impressed and excited when I told her that Kong toys, made in Golden, Colorado, are an excellent way to occupy a dog while you’re away. You just stuff ’em with the snacks of your choice – peanut butter, pureed sweet potatoes or official Kong filling – and freeze until it’s treat time.

Foster dog Charlie Machete gets a mid-size Kong Classic full of frozen goodness almost every day. The chew toy that makes him work for treats helps him stay stimulated and not destructive when he spends time in his dog-cave the laundry room.

As an extremely food-motivated dog, Charlie Machete has always enjoyed dinner and treat-time puzzles, including the Kong Wobbler. However, recently I noticed that there was often lots of peanut butter left in the bottom when I picked up his Kong hours after he started gnawing on it.

That’s when I decided to get creative with my homemade stuffing. Gone are the days of just cramming a Kong full of peanut butter. What we make at the Wayward House is closer to a Kong parfait. Zach calls them Kong-fections.

How to Make a Kong-fection

Ingredients: Plain yogurt, peanut butter, bite-sized treats of your choice, honey and cinnamon (optional).

Step 1: Stuff a bite-sized treat (or portion of it) into the small hole. This will help keep the Kong from leaking.

Step 2: Spoon yogurt into the Kong. Two teaspoonfuls is about right for a bigger dog.

Step 3: Drop in a few more bite size treats. We’ve been using chewy training treats from Pet Botanicals. Carrot chunks or dried blueberries would be a good choice, too.

Step 4: Spoon in peanut butter. How much you add depends on how full you want the Kong to be. Again, two teaspoonfuls is about right for a big dog.

Step 5: Drizzle a small amount of honey into the Kong.

Step 6: Add a dash of cinnamon.

Step 7: Freeze until it’s Kong time!

This particular Kong-fection recipe gets Charlie Machete so excited that I was feeling guilty my dogs Luke and Scooby never got to try the goodness. That’s why the other day I bought them Kongs of their own. They are glad about that.

A pit bull mix, golden retriever and a miniature pinscher lust after a Kong toy stuffed with sweet potatoes, peanut butter, oatmeal and cinnamon.

What’s in the Kong, mom?

What do you put in Kongs for your dogs?

Would you like to whip up Kong-fections for Charlie Machete? He’s still available for adoption! Apply to make him yours through Midwest Adopt-a-Bull.

Need a Kong? You can help support this blog when you buy one from the Wayward Dogs Store!

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I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Unfortunately we can’t leave Dottie unsupervised with a Kong, she will eat the whole thing. However, when we are home we will fill it with kibble or something small and watch her and Boomer both chew and eat to their hearts content.

  2. Oh Kongs…the savior of many a shoe. These have proven to be enough of a mind melder to keep my Abbie chill during the day. Buddy the JRT likes his also, but spends more time chasing it around then cleaning out the middle. Then there is O’Malley the current foster dog. Kennel time? Show him the Kong, in he goes. End of my work day after his potty break, his job is to find all the remaining Kongs and clean out any possible shred of yumminess inside. Throw it? He will bring it back. The image of a 12 pound dog with a XXL Kong attempting to jump up to the couch? Entertainment for all….

    As far as stuffing, I always have a jar of “DOG” PB. Sometimes I get creative with ingredients like you list above. Typically I do the canned dog food/PB/water milkshake and free it into ice cubes for Kong filling on the run. For those of us that never seem to have enough time…they are amazing!

    Kongs are one of a kind. My brothers dog left her solid Kong ball behind on a recent visit, the foster dog loves that too!

    • We’ve never tried any non-stuffable Kong products. Glad to hear that the solid ball works for your foster. None of our dogs seem very ball-oriented. (I guess they are like me and don’t care for sports.)

  3. I mix Honest Kitchen, tripe & sweet potato or pumpkin most recently. At Thanksgiving, I make Thanksgiving Kongs containing sweet potato, pumpkin, mashed potato (before any butter or cream is added) and turkey. My goal with my Kong fillings is to have it always be a balanced meal since one (XL) Kong is almost a full meal for 2 of my 3 dogs. They love Kong time!

    • You have made an incredibly important point in that Kongs = a lot of calories. Thanks for the reminder on that. And I LOVE the sound of your Thanksgiving Kongs. Might have to steal that one!

  4. The Kong-fection sounds delish – Turk and Rufus want to come over and try them out!

  5. I love my kong, mummy fills it up everyday before she goes to work. If she stands outside the front door to find her phone or put her umbrella up she can hear me throwing it around all over the place 🙂

  6. I’m so glad that Our Waldo Bungie pointed me in the direction of your blog! Athena usually gets a Kong when we put her in her crate for a few hours (sometime she gets a cow knee cap and she loves that just the same!). I put peanut butter, canned pumpkin, and a little bit of kibble/treats inside and then freeze. It takes Athena 1 1/2 hrs to get everything out from a large red Kong, but it takes her a whopping 3 hours to get the same stuff out from a large black Kong!

    I love the recipe that you use to stuff your Kongs. I will have to try putting yogurt and honey in them!!

    • I’m so glad Our Waldo Bungie sent you my direction, too! I have never timed Charlie Machete with his Kongs. I think it takes him an hour at the most. He’s a very clever dude. (Also, I don’t have one of the black Kongs.)

  7. We just use peanut butter and maybe a stick of Pupperoni or a couple ice cubes. I never remember to freeze it in time and lately Eddie has been eating meals out of his Kong so he doesn’t inhale his food. The times I’ve managed to freeze it, he loves it, but otherwise we’ve had to start giving him the Kong empty. He’s associated pb kongs with us leaving, so if I ever have time again I need to figure out a new stuffing.

    • I think that is actually what was going on with Charlie Machete and pb Kongs. Now, though, I am also trying to change up the circumstances under which I give him one. That does seem to help. He, too, likes playing with an empty Kong.

  8. I have done the peanut butter with little dog treats, plain yogurt and one of their favorites is a recipe I got from Jodi over at Heart Like a Dog, you mix plain yogurt and pumpkin together and she calls it Yumpkin 🙂

  9. My daughter has started to freeze her treat filled kong, on your suggestion. And her little Yorkie is much more content in his kennel all day while she’s at work. THANKS for the tip!

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