Scooby’s House Rules

Scooby the elderpin gets away with murder at Wayward House.

He also insists on looking into the camera whenever I try to take his picture. Obviously, he is trying to communicate a message…

empty food bowls - unacceptable

two black dogs on a couch

miniature pinscher and golden retriever

miniature pinscher looks into camera

Does your dog have house rules? What are they?


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Their house rules are always to push the boundaries 😉

  2. Like Scooby, Boomer and Dottie have a few rules such as:
    – when the alarm goes off they must be fed first,
    – if you aren’t out of bed at a certain time to feed them they will tear your covers off and headbutt you,
    – if you don’t play every night they will bring all your shoes out of your closet and place them at your feet,
    – if you don’t give them a walk everyday they sit around and sigh and stare at you.

  3. I tried to pee in the bathroom…but my staff was very angry about me… no idea why :o)))

  4. This is hilarious. My dog’s house rules?
    – Mowers outside? Must bark loud enough for all neighbors to hear.
    – You have somewhere to go? I’ll run around outside and refuse to come in.
    – You’re sitting with laptop on couch? I must replace laptop.

  5. LOL how could you possibly resist that sweet little face 🙂

  6. I agree with the bowl situation: completely unacceptable!

  7. We agree with Misaki- empty bows are just unacceptable! Mama puts our bowls away after we eat. is that a sign of a guilty conscience or what?
    Our house rule:
    – If someone rings the doorbell, Prescott goes to investigate while I, Joules, sound the alarm from my bed. Even after mama tries to hit the “snooze button”, I keep barking to make sure our neighbors knew there is an intruder!
    Your furbuddies,
    Joules & Prescott


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